Red Turqoise Necklace from BKK…

menumpang kasih di tempat duduk Ms Lemb

the cleaners had to vacuum the office floor, so tak geti2 le kan kena berambus dr tpt sendiri bagi orang buat kerojer…i hv not seen Ms Lemb for almost 3 hours yday morning, she was on sick day yday and pagi buta lagi dia dah kena buat kerojer at somewhere. pity her….

n the turqoise red necklace is also from Bkk. convert baht to RM lam RM9…macamana mata x rambang bersoping sakan sauk the accessories kan, the price is wayyy too cheap compared than beli di KL tanah air ku. let me know how much can u get from KL’s shop, the cheapest the better.

well, what s the plan for the weekend?

ai wanna do something to my hair, but my hairstylist suh aku tunggu at least lagi sebulan, or busuk2 few days before raya…it has to be one month after my bkk’s hairdo, skang too early.

gatai buat rambut macam2 style huhuuuuu, alah…the only person yang has the right to complaint bout my draining money is myself. tetiap bulan aku nak tukar style rambut pun, none of your business (amboi, garang mak merah!)…

**grrr! my sakit perut memerut was not really stop last nite, throughout the nite aku masih lagi memerut, and even till this afternoon. oh my!

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