This is the True Story

A son says to his father: ‘Dad, would you be willingly to run a marathon with me?’

The father, despite his age and a heart disease, says ‘YES’.

And they run that marathon, together.

The son asks: ‘Dad, can you run another marathon with me?’ Again father says ‘YES’.

They run another marathon, together.

One day the son asks his father: ‘Dad would please do the Iron Man with me?’

Now just in case you wouldn’t know, ‘The Iron Man’ is the toughest triathlon in existence; 4km swimming, then 180 km by bike, and finally another 42 km running, in one stroke.

Again father says ‘YES’

Maybe this doesn’t ‘touch’ you yet by heart … until you see this movie (put on sound!):

kak lea from Bangkok, betullah nangis aku nengok utube ni kak 🙁 . thanks for sending this.

bila maknye nangis kan tengok utube gitu, meloncatlah gegirl pujuk mak nyer. sodih gak dia pun nengok sama. the boys x tengok depa dok melanguk kat luor. mak nye nangis bughuk tol!

oh dah cool…. 🙂

eh terselit lah gambo ngan abang kan….nak jugak la sama rata, kang asik adiknye je yang overshadow.

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