Brand’s Essence of Chicken…

was supposed to blog this ydah tapi aku kebzian dan kepenatan tahap raksasa. the big parcel in a box came all the way from spore.

The Brand’s Essence of Chicken (BEC), mik ko ada14 kotak , to be consumed for 14 days apprx 2 weeks huhuuuuu. ko boleh?

ai boleh ke?

ai dah taram sebotol 🙂

n also they provide me with the Blogger Pack, ado Mind exercise cards. why? prescribed for greater mental alertness. mental hokeyyyyy!

ai got mental problem meh?

hahahahahahaa…..this entry relates to another entry which ai will reveal soon. macam biasa lah, aku kan suka main tarik napas dalam tepung hiksss

dan juga segala mak nenek Fact Sheet huhuuuuuu

a bit lah akak merah tempek kat sini yer..

Use of health supplements: Malaysians are the highest consumers of health supplements to maintain or enhance mental performance with 44% of respondents claiming to take supplements at least once a week: Taiwan comes in second with 43%. Indian respondents ranked the lowest with only 21%

join me to drink Brands Essence of Chicken

taste it

feel it

n your brain is gonna work very well!

itu mazhab aku, sesuka je lah kan…eh x lah, kang Brands maghah mak merah….

For Mind. For Body. For Life. <——- nih baru betul 🙂

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