Maxis – My Diamond

we had a short chat, terus terang aku x kenal sorang pun haahahahhaha…adalah sorang tu je akak kenal sebab she s also involved with my madagascar’s ads arituh kan.

the agent on the left and the main photographer from Maxis

oh yes, photos will be sent to few main magazines for press release too

From the left

Cindy Teh

Ringo Tan

Audrey ooi

Chnthia Ong


Karen Marie

Jolene Lai

Kimberly Low

so our first spot is at the My Diamond, 4th floor of Pavillion

some of the collections from the My Diamond

melengas poket aku nengok 🙁

Ivon and Joanne from My Diamond yang conduct the session for us, ada lam sejam lebih gak kat sini

these are the promotion for 8 of us, the top 3 lines tuh promotion selling at only RM68 🙂


and ai bought one pair..

kena zoomlah baru nampak merah ciputnya hiks…

ai blogged about this from the My Diamond …..

the Maxis Broadband Mini Dell

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