Maxis Girls Day Out…

meh akak citer dari awal lah yer…pasal nuffnang maxis nih kang kowang dok tertanya2. few wks ago, nuffnang approached me that ai terpilih dalam 8 female bloggers for the Maxis Girls Day Out. since the date is quite flexible to me, ai accepted the offer. kalo tarikh x sesuai, x pek lah akak merah nak join kan.

Maxis Girls Day Out ialah hari yang mana kita spend bersama client / agent n importantly with the Maxis Mini Dell oh plus get together with the other 7 beautiful bloggers. there are 8 bloggers terpilih dalam Maxis Girls Day Out nih.

the itinerary is having briefing kat My Diamond, Pavillion, Make Up session at the Stage, Pavillion, lunch at Pavillion too, naik van rented by the agent and maxis to hartamas, for shopping at the Cat Whiskers (they allocated us with some ringgit malaysia but not lah that much anyway still tqqqqq), nail shop at the curve followed by dinner at the Apartment, The Curve.

so my morning started at 1230 am…y? pasal aku dah tidur around 11ish and kol 1230 aku kena resdung for 3 hours! aku dah makan ubat pun x jalan, and lepas minum lipton hirameki baru kendur sket idung ni and ai end up tidur at 3ish am! woke up before 7am, kejut anak2 bangun cam nak bercintaaaaaaa sebab depa ngantuk lagi.

we took our bfast at the Amal, sirman’s new mamak’s place near by sek agama abang and so we left to Pavillion.

ai dont hv new baju so ai just grabbed whatever yang ada, my accessories are all new from bkk, memang x penah pakai lagik.

nak lah jugak citer kan sebab kang ada gak sipi2 tanya ‘kak mana beli rantai merah tuh’ so sini saya dah menjawab soalan sesiap.

they sent us to Pavillion, aku gather with the girls, maxis and agent kat sana.

sirman abang and gegirl pulang pi gunting rambut abang, singgah kedai beli cat grill n depa dok lepak umah jer lah…they had their dinner at my mom’s house, yday was Mak’s birthday….ai was not able to meet mak but sempat lah aku tepon dia berkali2…

n bermulalah perjalanan kerjaku sebagai blogger for the Maxis Girls Day Out on Saturday 22 November 2008.

hai kak red….i ni silent reader hehe..tapi malam ni tergerak nak komen lak…
best tu yr saturday nya acara…cemana leh terpilih..meh la story mory skit…nak gak tau..hehe…teruja sgt nak tau hehe…and enjoy yr day and weekend… (Myra asked this from this entry)

Emm camne ek nak jawab…kerja kuat in blogging, insyallah bolehlah terpilih.

Ok…you must be wondering jugak kenapa dalam 8 girls, ada 7 chinese and akak sorang je malay and the only mom. the rest are not even 25 years old. Ai did asked the same question too…

So to find out on the answer, kita reveal dalam entry2 maxis nuffnang yang lain yer coz ada banyak entries pasal ni lagi akan kuor.

From Maxis web.

Introducing the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 powered by Maxis Broadband. This small and sleek Mini 9 comes with built-in mobile broadband that lets you connect anytime, anywhere, within Maxis Broadband’s coverage area. So you can surf the net, check emails and chat online without having to rely on WIFI connectivity or external modems. That’s the power of the Maxis Broadband-ready Dell Inspiron Mini 9!

• Built-in HSPA Maxis
broadband modem
• Small and portable –
only 8.9-inch LED display
• Lightweight – only 1.035 kg
• Internet anywhere across Maxis’
HSDPA/3G/EDGE networks

At only RM99 a month x 24 months, you’ll get
• a Dell Inspiron Mini 9, and
• 6 months of Maxis Broadband Subscription
Payment mode : The amount of RM2,376 is payable over 24 months via credit card at 0% interest under the easy payment scheme from participating banks


For your convenience, the Maxis Broadband service will be automatically extended at a promotional rate of only RM77 a month after the 6th month. The monthly bill will be sent to you via email and will not be charged to your credit card. You may also view your bill at MyAccount Portal

That’s the details from maxis web, the sama similar ngan aku pakai tuh. ai got the red lappy bag (awal2 aritu aku mmg mintak merah tp x sangka lak depa sungguh2 carikkan the red bag, wpun x de red lappy. the mini ni mmg x de kaler lain, ada kaler tu jer.

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