Managing Melasma is that easy

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The other day ai told ya all details bout the Melasma right, the educational piece on melasma and its causes. On the pigmentation, symptoms etcs. N some general questions too. So today, ai would like to citer pasal emm the feature on treatment solutions. Camne nak keeping skin kita ni healthy dengan management melalui stable options that can improve quality of life 🙂

Biasanya the discoloration tu disappears spontaneously over a period of berbulan, kadang2 after you dah giving birth, and kengkadang gak stopping the oral contraceptives or hormon tu replaced with therapy.


Dalam hal2 treatments nih sumer pun, ada strict avoidance kamu kena ikut, such as tak leh lah berada di bawah matahari. Sememangnya masa ni lah kamu kena gunakan sunblock yang ada protection against both ultraviolet radiation A and B (tengok kalau ada UVA & UVB protection kat botol). Ini a must. Yang lain easy steps is like to use umbrellas bila pegi jalan-jalan or pakailah topi (medical suggestion, preferably yang eight-inch panjang) or sunglasses bila jogging – all ada effectnya for the control of melasma.

Yang lagi satu way to control melasma is dengan the use of topical creams. Yang ni usually are more preferred to peeling agents, light and laser technology yang carries a higher risk of making the affected skin area darker in colour.


melasma3_part2Melasma sblm membuat treatment. Melasma berkurangan setelah membuat treatment selama 2 bulan

Banyak medical studies ada proof that the most common topical solution is the first and only triple fixed combination cream with the concentration of hydroquinone 4%, tretinoin 0.05% and fluocinolone acetonide 0.01%.  Tak kisah lah the severity of the condition pun, this treatment is found to be effective in clearing melasma after a active 8-week preliminary course yang mesti.

Apapun, to pregnancy mom, yang ni tak boleh digunakan during pregnancy or while breast feeding.

Seriously, Melasma hanya boleh dicontrolled,but not ilang selama-lama. Kamu kena lah jaga dengan long term maintenance treatment and protection dari sunlight, sebab nanti ia reappear berbulan nanti especially after kena sun exposure. Women with melasma ni kena seek advice dari skin specialist to find out macam mane manage and treat the condition sebaik2.

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