SALE!!Palette and Pigments PAC!!!



Palette: Matte eyeshadow

Price: RM150

Code: PAC001

Left 3 boxes only


Palette: Pearly eyeshadow

Price: RM150

Code: PAC002

Left 4 boxes only


Stack: Pigments

Price: RM90

Code PAC0003

Total: 3 stacks

SOLD OUT!!! Each stacks reserved for Rima, Maryani, Ina


Stack: Pigments

Price: RM90

Code PAC0004

Total 3 stacks

SOLD OUT!!! Each stacks reserved for Rima, Yanok PAID,  Ina


Stack: Pigments

Price: RM90

Code PAC0005

Total 4 stacks

SOLD OUT: Each stacks reserved for Rima,  Yanok PAID,  Maryani and  Linda


contoh actual Pigments and Pearly palette  from my collection:


the stack of Pigments


the Pearly palette

Terms and Conditions:

1. Imported from Jakarta, Indonesia.

2. Harga adalah termasuk dengan self pick up, service charges by an anonymous seller. No postal delivery, venue for self collect will be advised later. UPDATE: THERE WILL BE A DELIVERY TO YOUR DOORSTEP, NO EXTRA CHARGES, BUT ONLY TO LEMBAH KLANG’S BUYERS!!!

3. Payment doesnt has to be today, we encourage you to pre-book first, while stock last. Tapi kalo ada duit, leh ler bayo.

4. We only take your pre-booking via Order Form, personal email or sms or ym will not be entertained. kepada mereka yang suka email2 saya personally, PLEASE FILL UP THE ORDER FORM.

5. All sales are final. No exchangeable, returnable or refundable.

6. Items should be ready for collection by 1st or 2nd week of July, so sempat le sapa2 nak tunggu gaji lagi kan….that s why lah korang kena buat pre-book ni dulu.

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