Twitter, Alpha and Awards in Singapore!


Reminder to follow me on Twitter, but why?

Coz of ChurpChurp

But why again?

Pergi study sendiri on why and why….better korang buat account twitter cepat than late. coz aku pun dah kira lambat bukak account 🙁

Tweet me at redmummydotcom kay NOT REDMUMMY. ada orang cilok redmummy, so kena lah aku pakai redmummydotcom.


this is the template of my blog

the paid background is under advertorial by the client, RM is engaged for a month on the project. The payment? …..definitely smell good 🙂


but what a coincidence when my side bar of nuffnang’s advertisement is about Project Alpha. And the bottom of it is my participation for the Asia Pacific Blog Awards by Nuffnang too. I m the finalist for Best Parenting Blog. hey, vote vote yeah….

hopefully, by Monday onwards, when all of my readers dah balik bercuti from the long raya break, everyone pulun kati to keep on voting me setiap 2 jam. aku sudah kehilangan beribu2 votes untuk minggu ini coz ramai lagi bercuti raya sakan. so pls pls…support RM.

anw, back to the picture…

Project Alpha is the biggest countdown for RM, since i m the first season blogger participating that. It is confirmed that my trailer and 7 episodes will be out in all online channels ( / youtube / Nuffnang) by next week, starting on 2nd October.

So lepas abih dedua Project Alpha and Nuffnang Awards, what is my next stage then?

You tell me…

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