Ep2 – Redmummy Project Alpha

i m gonna get 1 bonus extra episode for Project Alpha (means 7 epi + bonus 1 epi), a complimentary from the production team pasal depa telah credit nama anak2 yang kulahirkan berbin dan berbintikan atuk depa. looks like macam Sirman and kids are siblings pulak. so ada issue kat situ, jadi akan ada satu episode khas for the correction yer. Cant do the editing now coz it s already in the system.

official announcement will be made via Project Alpha’s official website.

Project Alpha – Uncovering Malaysia’s Top Bloggers /Episode 2 – Redmummy Project Alpha Season

Note for this episode: Gegirl nyanyi lagu mandarin 🙂 Tomorrow is Epi 3…Jojo meets Sirman the husband of Redmummy!

N yes, pls vote for RM in the Best Parenting blog for the Nuffnang Blog Awards. Thanks.

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