Cybercafe at home!


muka kalau ngah belajar pun takde concentrate giler macam ni tau….hasilnya kalau mengadap games!


btw, the lenovo is now officially belong to Abang. tho dia ada own PC in his own room but sebab dia nak dok gak depan tv depan mata makpak dia, i gave the Lenovo to him.

Gegirl memang ada own lappy jugak. it was belong to her dad before, but since Dad is now using Dell,’s laptop, so the old HP is given away to her.

Sirman bagi HP to Gegirl

Abang dapat Lenovo from Mummy

adil lah kan…


i m still using the Dell PC, for my blogging job…

cos i m gonna get ……………….a new lappy tooooooooooooooooooooooo! yaribbaaaaaaa!!!

ko hengat aku nak bagi Abang tu Lenovo tu sesuka jer kalau takde sebab. hikss….get yer, bukan buy. whohooooooooo! love my blogging life! now no more buying concept but wait for the sponsors to come and approach us. i m gonna utilize it till max, why buy if there s always a chance to get it for free from the sponsor with the relationship ‘win win situation’.


oh ye, rumah aku skang dah memang macam cybercafe pung 🙂

i actually has gotten a new lappy from the sponsor which to reveal bout it later, so sapa nak beli Lenovo ku itu? mau mau?


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