The first day for…


how r u guys doing? today is my first day for:

1. come back to work after year end leave

2. kids to come back to school after a long break

for kids, lots of changes in their schedule now, specially for Abang. new term dengan musim sek pagi, so definitely to start as early as possible like 6ish am. n starting this year jugak, they gonna use the transport from bus/van. what to do…..

mak pak kilija lor, kenalah pakai transport bus and van.

Atuk will help for abang’s sek agama….that s depending on the health of my dad too. dia insist nak anto cucunya, so ok lah aku bagi anto but only for sek agama jer.


went to buy groceries for at least 1 week, ikan ayam udang sayur mayur. i m glad and happy,at least for now, my kids are all organized. macam taun2 yang dulu jugak…but this year lebih organized. yey!

harap2 berpanjangan….

n for this month, i can see my schedule is quite tight too, gonna be out of VA for at least 2 weekends, which one of them can be called an anniversary gift for us too and adiah for the kids gak lah…



so korang, harap hari ni dan akan datang, semua working smoothly.

1 of my reso this year is to spend more quality time with my kids, so nak spend time ngan depa memalam pas balik kerja tu kenalah reduce gak waktu ngadap PC. nak jugak kena tidur awal ye. n there r times gak i need to go out at nite for covering an event, to take leave for my adv job, so that s how i wanna pay back apa yang tertinggal to my kids.

popularity and famousity cant buy the love for family.

n of cos im trying to knock off at least before midnite.

wahh…resolution baru tidur awal katanya kan


wish me luck lah yek!


n i guess it s time for me to narrow down back my entries, due to time factor and with my bz schedule, aku kena kurangkan lots of entries in a day. as u can see, over the weekend or public holiday pun entry tinggal satu ke 2 je skang nih…so during weekdays, even wt advertorials i will try to put at least max pun 2-3 entries jer lah.

as i m typing this entry, 3534 entries have been published in RM (not including the old RM’s blogspot) with almost 55ks comments dari korang.

it s a lot man! time to slow down…a bit.

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