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Hi mommies and daddies, i m Handy Manny!
The boy with 8 tools…

Abang, abang pernah tengok Handy Manny tak?

Mestilah, besttt mummy. Gegirl pun suker kan Handy Manny nih.

Lor ye ke….napa mummy tak tau Handy Manny ek?

Cos mummy asik tengok computer jer 😛

Cissss ko bang!


Handy Manny is a cartoon show but of cos it doesn’t mean for kids only, adult pun ramai yang suka tengok cartoon kan. After 2 seasons in Playhouse Disney, Handy Manny kembali dengan the latest Season 3.

You can watch the latest Handy Manny show with its premier on 22nd January 2010 at 10am of cos via Playhouse Disney Chanel in Astro.

Sedikit teaser for the premiere, Manny and his 8 tools nak pi celebrate a family reunion dengan naik motorcycle. Along the journey tu macam2 lah yang depa face, dengan minyak abis lah, dengan petrol pump tu pulak tak function, dengan the other 3 tools pulak pi ngulor naik lorry, so misi mencari Pat, Flicker and Turner berrmula.

Kalau nak tau the ending of the premiere, get yourself to watch handy many Motorcycle Adventure on Friday 22nd January 2010 at 10am yer. Don’t miss it, laughing is a must when u watch it!!


If you lose track siapa the 8 tools in Handy Manny, here i m helping you..coz aku pun memula macam oh dear sapa lah tools nya nama each other.. They are Stretch si tape measure, Pat the hammer, Flicker the torchlight, Rusty the big spanar, Felipe the screwdriver, Turner another screwdriver, dusty si saw and Squeeze the playar.

Do join me and viewers from the Playhouse Disney to catch Handy Manny in the next Season 3 show starting 29 January 2010, every Friday at 10am.

Click for details on Handy Manny coz ada games, music, stories and activities from Handy Manny’s web too. Join the fun with your little kids!


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