Redmummy is already in Kuching…


lunch break at KFC after shooting in Rumah Nur Salam


shooting continued in KLIA for our trip to Kuching…

Sirman @ RedDaddy has to stay home with kids. Sian pulak anak2 kang 3 hari sampai both mak pak takdak so Sirman had to look after the kids again, syian daddy, bini asik kulu kilir je kan…anak-anakku ada violin and badminton class, so takpat lah nak angkut sama lagipun schedule mak nya kat Kuching quite hectic lor….

takper takper, nanti i qada ek sirman 🙂

I will not have any extra time to shop or to visit anyone, but if u wanna meet me and the rest of Season 1 Project Alpha Bloggers, do follow our twitter sebab kami buat live update on our location and position of shooting. You can also drop by to the hotel that we stay, 360 Hotel.

knock knock my door, coz i have a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy huge room. meh kita buat party sabun meh 🙂

FYI, satu-satunya negeri dalam Msia yang tak pernah ku jejak ialah Sarawak. Kuching looks so calm and lovely. Kitak kitak kamik kamik….

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