Finalists untuk Saya Nak Cuti by Malaysia Airlines

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Setiap contest mesti ada pemenangnya kan, for sure korang still ingat contest “Saya Nak Cuti” anjuran MAS berkerjasama dgn Astro RIA (Channel 104) yang saya promote beberapa minggu yg lepas kan, kat sini & sini. Ya the 7 winners nanti akan pergi bercuti ke their dream destinations and juga akan menjadi host their own vacation programme yeyyy!

So korang mesti nak kepoh tau sapa yang menang kan, I mean sapa yang dah dishortlistedkan to be the top 20 lah. Pas top 20 baru pergi ke final 7.

Well actually after over a month with over 3000 entries received, punyalah banyak ko! Aku ingatkan 100-200 orang je participate. So selepas beberapa minggu struggling reviewing the entries, finally the judges have shortlisted 20 contestants who were selected based on their story, outstanding personalities during the interviews and unique destinations chosen.

Congrates ek korang2 the Top 20. yang lagi 3000 lebih tidak terpilih jangan runsing, banyak lagi contest mastravel gak. So anw, dah namanya reality show kan, so kena la ade voting system, ini kita dah cakap awal2 masa promo Saya Nak Cuti. This time the finalist will be given a chance to write in their own blog and interact with viewers online through their microsite to garner votes.

Hak kita pulak sebagai pengundi, untuk vote sapa yang paling layak dan wajar menjadi the finalist 7 plak. Ye kuasa di tangan kita pembaca!

Kita berkuasa menentukan pemenang dengan 4 steps berikut:

•    Total ada 20 finalists – siapa yang selamat sampai minggu terakhir voting wajib menjadi the final 7, all depend on you you youuuuu!
•    Baca kisah mereka, tengok gambar2 mereka, and comments bout them too dan VOTE sekali per day sahaja. Kalau nak vote hari2 pun tak per, ikut sukahati hang lah yor.
•    Promote them in your blog, FB or spread the words to your frens, readers and families…..ask for their help to vote too!
•    Nak vote? Eh senang jer, pi kat sini SayaNakCuti

Here are the shortlisted 20 and their entries:

1.    Name: Yusmal (nominated by her husband)

Age: 36
From: KL
To: Hanoi

A TV host who nominated his wife. His wife has always envied him his job so he wants to give her an opportunity to experience being a travel host.


2. Name: Fizlah

Age: 45
From: KL
To: Phuket

A single mum wants to go scuba diving as a treat for herself


3. Name: Luqman

Age: 25
To: Manila

A government servant who doesn’t earn enough to travel but has always wanted to do so.


4. Name: Sheela

From: KL
To: Manila

An aspiring student who wants to be an English teacher and winner of the ‘Carefree Queen’ contest.


5. Name: Iskandar Rapek

From: KL
To: Bali

He has had a streak of bad luck last year including being carjacked, robbed and injured. After all that, he wants to kick-start the new year with a holiday!


6. Name: Melvin

Age: 26
From: Selangor
To: Yangon

City boy who LOVES underdeveloped nations. A telecommunications engineer at Motorola.


7. Name: Sarah (nominating sister Syaza)

From: KL
To: Ho Chi Minh

Nominating her sister, Syaza, 24 who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and loves photography


8. Name: Nur Fadhilah

From: Melaka
To: Sandakan

Animal lover who is veterinarian for orangutans! Wants to go to Sandakan to see the monkeys in their natural state.


9. Name: Siti Nur Aishah

Age: 26
From: Kedah
To: Kota Kinabalu

Best friend working in Sabah and wants to fulfill promise to climb Mt. Kinabalu together.  An industrial designer working on Proton engines.


10. Name: Madina

Age: 31
Sex: F
From: KL
To: Ho Chi Minh

Of half-Vietnames parentage, she was born in Thailand before moving to Malaysia. Have never met her mother’s family back in Vietnam and would love to do so.


11. Name: Alif

Age: 20
Sex: M
From: Selangor
To: Yogyakarta

A film student who volunteered with Red Cross in 2006 during the Yogyakarta earthquake. He wants to see the villages now to see if the efforts helped to alleviate their troubles.


12. Name: Shahrom

Age: 30
Sex: M
From: KL
To: Cebu

An ex-musician who turned his life around after a pilgrimage to Mecca.


13. Name: Juliana

Age: 31
Sex: F
From: Selangor
To: Bali

An English lecturer in University Sains. Adventurer. Akido blackbelt holder. Belly dancer and more. Would love to try horseback riding and bungee jumping in Bali.


14. Name: Mariam

Age: 31
Sex: F
From: Selangor
To: Hanoi

The mastermind behind Bijou Bazaar who has not had a break for the past two years. She has been helping budding entrepreneurs make their dreams come true and would now like to make her own dream come true.


15. Name: Azneal

Age 24
Sex: M
From: KL
To: Bali

A biologist who dreams of going to Bali to experience the adventures related to him by his late father. If he is selected, this will be his first time traveling on a plane.


16. Name:Jamal
Age: 64
Sex: M
From: KL
To: Manila

A Scout Commissioner who collects scout paraphernalia wherever he visits. He would like to meet someone he helped out in Manila to see if she is ok.


17. Name: Afandi

Sex: M
From: Selangor
To: Tawau

A professional photographer who wants to rekindle his passion for beauty and nature through underwater photography in Tawau.


18. Name: Kanmani (nominating friend, Vicky)

Age: 32
Sex: M
From: KL
To: Bali

Nominating his friend Vicky who was extremely close to his tour guide father, who passed away recently. Kanmani would like him to go to Bali to regain hope in his life.


19. Name: Dahlia (nominating daughter)

Age: 50
Sex: F
From: Penang
To: Hanoi

She promised her daughter, 26 a trip to Hanoi if she scored a 4.0 GPA in her university exams. The daughter did and Dahlia hopes as a mother, she can fulfill her part of the deal.


20. Name: Kamirol

Age: 25
Sex: M
From: Shah Alam
To: Bangkok

An Entrepreneur at 21, Engineering Student and all-round Achiever who works in the day and studies at night and really just needs a break.


Sungguh aku dah tau sapa yang aku nak votekan. Tapi aku nak rahsiakan kalau tidak korang kan follow me to vote them plak. Baca kisah mereka, adakah mereka yang terlayak to go for their dream holiday and be in the running to become a host in Saya Nak Cuti programme by Malaysia Airlines.

So, spread the words to the world and start voting NOW!

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