Marie France Bodyline – 11th Treatment

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Amelia, im so soooo super sleepy today, what treatment hari nih? can i sleep tak?

kak red, this treatment is called TRST, u surely can sleep.

ok good, how is the process actually?

mula2 i scrub your tummy, kasi clean, pastuh i buat ultra sound and taruk gel, i will rub it wt the machine for 10 min. Pastuh i tarukkan ampule satu batang nih masuk dalam skin tummy you and massage guna thermo slimming creme for 35min. surely you tidur lena.

that s y akak suker datang Marie France Bodyline, u understand me so well…. hari ni kalau nak buat treatment 3,4 jam pun tak per ye, coz RedDaddy yang fetch me today, i x drive.

Treatment nih only 1 jam setengah je kak red, u look so exausted, why dont after abih massage nanti i saputkan mask to reshaping your tummy, this takes 25 min and last one touch is the slimming serum.

Oh then i tak tau nak buat apa bila dah sudah, i cannot go shop2 in KLCC, nanti duit akak abih lah Amelia

Ok takper, Kak Red after your treatment, you can sambung your tidur, we wont disturb you. i will wake u up. Ginger tea pun i dah sediakan untuk you ye Kak Red. sweet dream…

In total, i slept for 2.5 hours 🙂

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