Baloon Sinuplasty for RM…

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korang rasa berapa percent antara korang ni memang sihat 100%? yes korang tak tengok apa isi dalam badan korang so u wud say, aku ok jer, takde sihat apa2 so batper nak amik insurans. ok ni cite bukan pasal insurance. but ni citer pasal health kita lah yerk. i know i  dont have a good health condition, sebab tu lah:

1. aku amik personal insurance, not only for me but to us the Red Family

2. i had to quit and pencen from most of the heavy sports that i played before.

i have 2 health prob, one is asthma and one is sinus. for sinus i have like 100 yrs already! hahahaha, giler lama ,umur baru 35! but asthma i got it heavily since 2,3 yrs nih…so tu pasal aku pencen sports. x larat lah asik nak kena puff puff jer. i m on medication right now. not to worry bout it.

but for sinus or malay name it RESDUNG. ini memang never ending story lah. i ve been carrying this sinus issue since hemm…mbe 17-18 yrs to be exact. korang namakan lah apa jenis traditional medication aku x penah buat, rokok kayu, kain putih yang dibakar, homeopathy, A LOT!!  specially tang pagi mandi jer memang kena, pastu kena aircond kena, pi umah orang yang ada kucing pun aku kena. oh masa first few days having my kemek and reddy pun aku kena gak, but now dah immune. too cold pun leh kena, tetengah tidur pun bley kena, makan udang terlebih pun leh kena, halahai, korang yang ada resdung know the feelinglah.

but the good part is when i was pregnant for my 2 children, for 9 bulan X 2 pregnancies langsung tak kena. wonder why? ai dont have the answer for it even doctor pun takde scientific answer on that too. mbe coz of the hormon baby yang aku kandungkan so i dont face it all.

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takkan nak suh aku beranak tetiap taun pulak ko nak avoid sinus issue. then i was introduced with clarinase and zyrtec tablets. that helps me  a lot, but only for temp. but at least adalah jugak ubatkan. but sampai bila nak rely on this medication, of cos i want to get rid off this problem. to have a healthy life.

So, one day my honeybossy called me into the room and telling me that he just went to visit his good fren in the hospital, a fren of him just did this Baloon Sinuplasty. He encouraged me to do it immediately while i can so that it wont bother me anymore. 2 days after his advise, i went to meet the ENT from this local hospital…

Basically, not all patients need to undergo the Baloon Sinuplasty process, so they sent me for the ct-scan. Make sure korang tak pregnant ye bila buat ct-scan nih, and after looking into the xray…ok doctor yang ada lam RM boleh tau lah yang you can see lots of fluids in my circle of face. kat bawah mata, pipi, dalam hidung aku dah bengkak sebengkaknya. Definitely i have to go for the minor surgery of Baloon Sinuplasty.

I remembered last few years, my ex boss, Momo went into the same process too but not same as mine. he was on medical leave for 2 weeks, his noise is like bleeding all the time, he s in pain and etcs. but for Baloon Sinuplasty, you dont have to go to that process.

I was told, under this surgery, i can come back to work after 24-48 hours!

that s cool.

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Sinus surgery with balloon sinuplasty may be performed as an outpatient procedure. Because the procedure involves the insertion into the nose of balloon catheters, guide wires and other devices such as irrigation catheters, illumination systems and navigation systems, individuals might become uncomfortable and find it difficult to remain still. Thus either local or general anesthesia is usually administered.

The physician inserts the sinus guide catheter into the nostril to gain access to the sinus ostia (passage) under endoscopic visualization. An endoscope allows the physician to see through the nasal passages to the sinus cavities to ensure that he/she is inserting the catheter into the proper location. A sinus guide wire or sinus illumination system is then introduced into the targeted sinus via the sinus guide catheter. The sinus illumination system provides a targeted fiber optic light transmission that helps the physician place the sinus guide catheter in the correct place.

Once access to the intended location has been confirmed, a balloon catheter (a tiny balloon inside a catheter) is introduced into the sinus cavity via the sinus guide wire or sinus illumination system and positioned in the blocked ostium for inflation. Once the position has been confirmed visually, the balloon is opened to unblock and reshape the narrow or blocked ostium. The balloon is then deflated and removed. Next, an irrigation catheter is advanced over the sinus guide wire or sinus illumination system to flush out the sinus of any mucus or pus. Finally, the sinus irrigation catheter is removed from the sinus to allow the sinus cavity to drain any mucus and/or pus. It is claimed that the linings of the sinus and nasal passages are not disturbed during the procedure and that little to no blood is lost.

or study over here too also can, else google jer, korang leh dptkan roughly idea on the surgery.

after checking my event schedule wt NN, so that i m available, and telle with my honeybossy’s schedule,  i decided to do the little minor surgery, very2 soon. this is a permanent process, not yang akan come back to horror your life after 2-3 yrs, i know bout that issue. bcoz it s permanent, of cos i m taking it. BTW, tunggu sampai aku dah abih process buat baru aku bagitau on the location of my hospital lah yer, plus the cost, memang pitam gak lah tengok costnya but it s under coverage mar….

Mak Ajah aku bising gak bila aku nak buat surgery nih….maunya x bising coz aku pi cakap ‘nak buat susuk idung mak, kasi mancung kaw kaw’.… letih asik terbersin jer…18 taun dah aku usung ulat lam idung ni gamaknya!

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