Free Workshop for RM’s readers by Marie France Bodyline…

Hey girls….guys aku tau ada yang perati gak entry MFB nih, sure lam hati ‘isk, napa le orang pompuan jer ada slimming session’ ehehehhe sorry yek bang, orang pompupan memang suka bonar ngan part2 slimming nih.

So i m back to my session again……..but aku rasa cukuplah aku citer kan pasal all the 12th treatments of Marie France Bodyline yang aku dah attended. korang pun dah hapal, u dah tau i nya fav is always the chilly creme. So far aku dah buat 13th treatments already + today’s entry gak and memang saya sangat puas hati betul dengan package yang depa bagik. Not only that, aku pun belajar cara makan minum yang betul. u see…eat heavy during breakfast and lunch but minimalkan during dinner. last meal must be taken before 730pm if possible.

Anw korang ingat dok last 2 wks aku ada shout2 pasal kita nak buat workshop for 15 readers of RM. hanya 15 orang sahaja. tapi kita nak buat for the first round nih, only for Mothers ye dulu. Why Mom not anak2 dara, sebabnya in conjunction of Mother’s Day lah……

so free workshop for 15 mothers from RM.

I m going to collect 20 names from the first yang submit their name to Contact Red. The first 15 confirmed terpilih to participate the workshop, but the 5 will be on stand by if ada yang dalam list 15 orang tuh tidak dapat hadhir. So sapa cepat dia dapat the first 15 seats ni yek.


Details of the workshop, Mother’s Day with Marie France Bodyline:

Date: 8th May 2010, Saturday

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Venue: Marie France Bodyline, Mid Valley City


3pm – Arrival of Guests (refreshments served)

3:15pm – Welcoming introduction

3.20pm – Nutritionist present on Detoxing the Body (Questions allowed)

3.45pm – Liposonic Thereapy Demo

4pm to 5pm  – various activities divided in groups on rotation:

–          Participants to do partial Liposonic trial (20 minutes)

–          Participants to do Beautiful Hands Treatment (10 minutes)

–          Body Composition Analysis and consultation (30 minutes)

On top of all the pampering participants will receive for this workshop, MBF will also be giving u the goodie bag. So apa lagik, the first 15 +5 MOTHERS yang email me will get to go to this free workshop.

Shoot your details via Contact Red and wait for my reply 🙂 .

CHOP CHOP!! 15 + 5 SUDAH TAKEN! TQTQTQTQ….kita mungkin akan ada satu lagi workshop yer, so sabarr….tunggu announcement saya, itu meant utk anak2 dara pulak lah 🙂

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