Peacock dress for the last day…


i m wearing a new dress, peacock design

berry 007

my last day with the honeybossy….

berry 017

so i purposely wear it, and he likes my new purple dress too…

berry 011

then i went down for lunch with my gf…


she s buying the Aunty C


n i tried the red leather sukey, pre fall season


our lunch was then joined by KY yang 10kali aku borak, 10 kali nak je aku lempang! yelah he s so famous with the Project Alpha Season 2!

berry 016

got help from Jac Jac to snap my full dress….KY is the bzbody fren, orang masuk sana sini sumer dia ngekor!


You can wear the dress to work, cover with the cardigan or shawl, if malam2 nak pi meronggeng ha korang bukak je cardigan/shawl yang hangpa nak pakai.

The nice purple peacock dress is brought by Diva Darling .

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