2 black babies…


an old season collection of Miu Miu

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My very first Selvatore Ferragamo in black, the last final black in hand hopefully. Not really keen in black, dah macam banyak nau ada kaler hitam kot….aku dah beli ni lama lah, but baru mula pakai sebelum Syawal dulu, cuma takes time to blog it. I dont really blog all of my designer handbags though.

Having a blog with good great income, just from the blog (if u happen to read my story in Harian Metro last April and in Kosmo recently) u would understand. Alhamdulillah with the earning i m able to buy and so far i have collected 47 designer handbags.

Only 23 handbags are in my hand, the other 24 sudah dijual and more is going to be adopted by you, only via Shop@RM.

Kelakarnya this one, sampai sekarang belum pakai2 yet…yer soon soon.

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