Friso Flaunt It! Contest!!

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I stilll remember masa doctor confirmkan yang aku pregnant dulu. That was the proudest and happiest moment for me. But in the same time, nervous pun ada, ye la kita nak jadi mother kan. But whatever it was, motherhood is a time of joy and celebration, and the best way to capture our  favourite moments with our child is through photos. Start from day 1 pregnancy, i’m sure you all got berstack2 of photo albums saat2 gembira together2 with the baby.

Here my proudest & “biggest” moment masa carry Gegirl 🙂

And aku rasa every second started from our baby delivered, kalo boleh kita nak capture all the moments together ngan the baby. Not only during masa dia baby, but I guess up till they grow up, sampai bila2. Luckily zaman skrg dah digital, all photos kept dalam disk jer, kalo tak mau penuh rumah dengan photo albums dok 😉


Here is Gegirl 6 years later 🙂

Talking about the favourite or “biggest” or whatever moment you want to call it ni, actually there is a better way to celebrate those moments by taking part in Friso Flaunt It! Contest, and at the same time get rewarded for it with:

  • RM7,000 worth of prizes up for grabs, including 2x Grand Prizes of RM2,000 cash each.

Friso is a product segment from Dutch Lady Malaysia has launced a facebook photo contest for mothers; and it is called the Flaunt It! Contest.
The contest is divided into 2 categories:

Flaunt Your Bump – Open to all pregnant mums. Submit a photo of your best pregnancy pose and write a short caption that best describes how you feel about being a mum-to-be. Ha macam gambar aku preggy kat atas nun agak2 leh menang dok? Hikks Opss tapikan, for this contest, photos must be taken from 1st Jan 2009 onwards, before than that tak boleh hantar yek!

Flaunt Your Moment – Open to all mums and dads with child/children aged 2 – 6 year old. Submit a photo of you and your child celebrating fun times together along with a caption to describe the moment. Moms Dads are given the opportunity to show off their new curves or capture their best moments with their children.


Fun moment with my lovely Gegirl 🙂

FYI, Flaunt It! Contest is started from 28 December 2010 till 28 January 2011. To participate, mothers kena sign up as a Fan of Friso Growing Up Together Malaysia Facebook page, and click on the banner to enter the contest. You all will first be prompted to choose a category to enter, then upload korang punya favourite photo and jangan lupa to enter the fun caption ya.

Lepas submit, jangan lupa ajak kawan2 & family korang to keep voting on your entry to win awesome prizes. To vote, visitors have to click on the Gallery tab to view all the entries and vote our favourite photo by click on the vote. Korang boleh vote seberapa banyak yang boleh tapi hanya satu vote untuk satu hari k. Besok2 vote lagi sekali, lusa tulat vote lagi sekali. Orait!


Ok auntie2 semua, jom join contest ni…

Top ten finalists dari contest ini akan dipilih untuk masuk ke final judging round to decide on the winner for both categories. At the end of 4 weeks, the entries that receive the most number of votes will win the following prizes:

Flaunt your bump = RM 2,000 cash + Friso Mum Gold Products
Top ten entries = Friso Mum Gold Products worth RM150

Flaunt your moment = RM 2,000 cash + Friso Mum Gold Products
Top ten entries = Friso Gold Products worth RM150

Winners will be announced two weeks after the closing date of the contest on 15 February.


Contest untuk ayah & anak pun ada jugak! Ni gambar I ngan Gegirl kompom leh menang but bcoz Gegirl is not below 6 years old, so tak bolehlah nak masuk contest nih.

Hurry up korang! Join before the contest ends on 28 February 2011. You can also grab free sample of Friso Gold at Growinguptogether website.

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