I really need a break!

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Seperti yang korang dah maklumlah kan, hidup aku sekarang ni memanglah tersangat hectic dan busy. Sibuk dengan my fulltime work during the day, malam pulak dengan mom’s duty, lepas tu jenguk blog buat entry pulak. In between sikecil RB tu need attention pulak plus the other 2 kids, Abang and Kakak. Itu belum kira events nak kena attend. Tambahan pula RD is outstation belum balik-balik lagi. Huish memanglah tersangat capek sekali kalo nak dibayangkan. Tapi apa boleh buat, that’s my life and so far so good, I still can manage.


Even to catch up with my girlfriends pun tak kesempatan sekarang ni. So aku rasa aku really deserve a nice and relaxing break from all of this, and spend some quality time gossiping and chitchatting with my girlfriends while my body is being pampered.

For that, I’m so excited and tak sabar nak tunggu for our day out soon. My BFF says she heard about insider news that there will be a really great deal will come out soon for an exclusive ‘Body Re-energized Program’ worth RM 500 for just ONLY RM8.89!!! Sebagai carreer woman plus a blogger, memang sangat sesuailah dengan aku yang sangat-sangat memerlukan this sort of program, to re-energized my body ni. She said she will definitely secure us this program yey!

Dan kalau korang pun nak jugak grab this great deal, be ready started from this Wednesday 27th June log on to Capital FM di mana sebanyak 1000 deals sahaja akan dijual bermula dengan harga serendah RM8.89! Each deal will be entitled for a ‘Body Re-energized Program’ worth RM500. All thanks to Diva’s Official Pampering Partner: Beauté Library.


Dan dari 1000 orang buyers tu nanti, 10 orang akan dipilih untuk bersama-sama to join Capital FM’s Viva La Diva Day-Out di mana each winner is entitled to bring a friend for an exclusive day out with Capital FM Announcers. Dan kalau korang terpilih sebagai 10 orang bertuah tu nanti, you all will get more exciting because not only boleh join Capital FM’s Viva La Diva Day-Out tetapi juga dapat menikmati…

1.    RM500 Shopping vouchers (Parkson Malaysia)
2.    Gourmet Treat (The Food Studio)
3.    Brunch (twenty.one tables + terrace, BSC)
4.    Pampering season (Beauté Library)


So keep yourselves updated by listening to Capital FM and if you all bukan dari area Klang Valley boleh tune in secara online di link CAPITALFMAAC. Dan kalau korang an iPhone ataupun Android users, lagi bagus boleh terus download their mobile app dari App Store dan Google Play.








Capital FM, radio station that stands for fun, roles of womanhood, independent, woman’s take on the fast moving and upbeat pace of the multicultural city of Malaysia! They knows all that, and giving us woman the chance to have that all-paid-for pampering day out!

So, don’t miss your chance girls!

Khidmat pesanan masyarakat Capital FM is brought by Redmummy.com


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