The Red Iphone 8 for the Husband!



We had our upside down

The painful of past few months/years

Though I didnt show it here but in the igstories, thousands of people noticed bout it

I got him this Red iPhone 8 in red, and he s in love with it, sesuai ngan namanya RedDaddy.

I know ramai tanya napa bukan i amik nih jer coz im the Redmummy, that s coz i m happy with my 2 pcs of iPhone 7 , one tu pulak is 256gb lagik, yet this red is only 64gb. Lagipun ai pakai red casing gak, so takpelah tak pakai iPhone 8. Tak perlu mengejar sangat technology heh…

But for him, coz he s been using my previous iPhone 6 and dah naik jahanam jatuh janam jatuh janam. so he s entitled for this new one lah. The iPhone 6 dah jadi harta Abang.

Ini jadik hadiah previous Anniversary, the 17th and his coming birthday, raya present. Hah sekali rap terus. Sebab tu lah aku tanya khabar Bissell aritu hehehehehe

I love you RD.

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