My 43rd Birthday!!!

I blogged about my husband’s Red Iphone 8 on 23rd May. That s his anniversary and birthday present, raya gift gak. This was an OK relationship after months of struggling (the 17 years tu sama gak lah but ni as per the recent one).  As usual, ai was the one yang made an effort. Ko ada dapat bini dah dapat pelempang dek laki bagi, tapi bini bagi Iphone 8, mano nak jumpo bini gini kan sangat.

So takpelah, dah rezeki aku lebih. dah tu bahagian dia.

Then, on 11th June, just a week before Syawal. What is my dosa pulak kali ni? Coz i was being honest for his recent attitude, then once again, laki being baran and dumped me at Neo Damansara, Damansara Perdana – Hafiz Hamidun’s event.  So dalam gelap jam 9 lebih malam tu, ai had to call a grab balik rumah.

Things didnt work out so well after that. no raya for us no nothing.

So 11th July came.

Nothing from him at all. He didnt want to work out for the marriage (for 17 years jenis yang, hah jom cerai, hah jom divorce, memang takde usaha nak berdamai nak berbaik, jenis yang bila gaduh. hah jom cerai, menyampah aku tengok muka bini aku, bini useless) beginilah for over 17 years ye. No roses bunga merah no wishes at all, no hadiah of course.

only at the nite of 11th July tu, at 1107pm (technically at 2307hours) – a simple wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY . ini sahaja. that s all.

Sedih tak ko kan?

Hehari aku nangis, napa la laki aku camni. Paling ego sombong bodoh tinggi sungguh.

Meaning to say, i ddnt get my Bissels.

Cos I bought lots of stuff for the family, for the husband. Nothing for me. N since aku pun kesian ngan diri aku ni gak, yang dok pleasing je suap memacam hadiah, but untuk self takdak. I went to Dior KLCC.





My birthday present to myself. Happy Birthday Kak Red, the 43rd!!

Yey, thank you for the birthday wishes, walaupun laki dah buang saya from his life. But my kids love me so much. They surprised me with lots of things specially the boys (coz Kakak masih lagi kat hostel). That s fine. Alhamdulillah syukur coz i m surrounded with the poeple who love and care bout me gak, masih lagi. Walaupun the husband dah tak nak look after me, tak nak bagi nafkah makan to me tak nak dah tak bother about me anymore.

This is sad but yes, i have to move on.

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