Boleh kira ngan jari / Pernah la tp boleh kira pakai jari

i was looking through my old entries

specially about abang and kakak

when they were about 4,5 years old

to primary schools

sekolah agama samping merah / kain merah

sekolah cina depa

tuitons, kumon

and there were more than 1500 entries labelled under these 2 kids, mostly about their school life etcs lah

and bersaksikan my millions of readers since i blogged about them (let s take it since abang’s kindy time, age 4 years old)

now abang is 17 years old

so dah 13 tahun tahun cerita depa sekolah bagai kuor dalam blog

but i just found out, i was told that ai ni amik jemput anak2 sekolah tuitions kumon semua hal anak2 – ‘Boleh kira ngan jari / Pernah la tp boleh kira pakai jari

I remembered how i have to carry abang, when he was so baby lagi, naik turun pi rumah my mak bila i nak pi keje, bawak pi clinic pi memana gitu berdua lah etcs. Pastuh together with adiknya Gegirl, 3 of us kulu kilir, I lari sana sini with these 2, buat errands with these 2 little kids. Attended all their stuff thingy.

Alhamdulillah i have  2 blogs (one blogspot and this blog) to recall back all memories. Reading back the old entries.

and to compare with the accusation –   ‘Boleh kira ngan jari / Pernah la tp boleh kira pakai jari’

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