I promise to tell u a story..donno when but right now I’m posting this entry from smwhre, got time off to rush smthing.

Apa aku nak ckp ye, I just heard another bad news n another yg buat aku mandom n termenung.

I’m in the oldtown coffeehse dah 10 min duduk tp x de waiter pun nak serve aku. Nak panggil pun mls…ada air aku minum, x de air aku dok jelah kat sini.

Kat sini ada wifi but I don’t carry my laptop plak, pakai berry pun jadiklah janji I can express things out though not much.

I will write again pasal I ve to wait like 2 hrs till my things got done.

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Enter and delete…

aku type pepanjang pastu aku padam, enter.

aku type lagi, kuor masuk blog ni and padam balik.

x tau apa nak tulis, x terkata. i m off to menara again and again and again…

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i m weak..

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2 tickets to give away…




im helping Tijah Murai to give away 2 tickets for free, she s actually offered to me, but im not interested. not in the mood, i hv other show to catch anw.  So Tijah is happy to give to my readers, enquiries pls email to Tijah directly, email add Tijah ada kat blognya ye. Do deal wt her directly for the tickets collection etc, show is this Friday nite.

I know Tijah personally, dia x penah pun bagi komen lam blog ni. so dont worry, this is not a spam tickets.



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