Red wt TTDI…



dear red readers,


for once, let s just stop talking bout my red tv3 so on. this entry is a bit of break for me. and by sending abang to tuition classes every sat is like my rehat a bit lah.


aku x dan nak besokan gambar, mak malas. i know u want something to read, so i present you the very the quick update…i need to catch up some of my red stuff still…x sesiap lagi.


after sending abang, we went to Penang Mari, i know someone from my blog had recommended us to try there, we did. for me..out of my taste. semacam je rasa nasi campo nya. i ate my lunch at 530, very late coz aku dok sibuk buat tu ini kat umah. they 3 had their lunch on time but not redmummy. sirman and gegirl makan roti bakar, ha yang ni sedap kaw kaw!



this is to show that a mother can share her daughter’s s/glasses ye uols…


we went to few shops, and of cos, story coming later.


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Red in the red house…


redmummy menyinari dan memerahi hidupmu…

bley pakai x tagline tu? :P



i m not good in decorating the house, tanganku suami isteri mmg x pandai menghias rumah. but after so many years living together, sirman has adopt my red craziness…so we present you some of the collections.


i wanted to post more, the whole house red docorations, red collections, red and red, but i have to respect the TV3′s people.


Take 1…the shooting begins…


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Red in the house…


3 big items delivered in the afternoon. lepas pasang they left wt some of the boxes. but some boxes lak sirman ajer yang buat. abang was bz wt ps2, never care bout his surroundings. gegirl was the one yang paling kecoh mengaco. redmummy buat keje light2….


….abang and gegirl tolong the parents, anto buang to rubbish room. itupun lepas aku berkicau suh dia benti main n do something for the house.



it s not finished yet….we did some of the house decorations, since Fifin’s duty is to clean up the house, we let her do her task first, we will continue our red project tonite.

all out…

Excuse me, need to go to TTDI again…

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Red Commentators…


i guess my readers are not really keen to read my blog over the weekend.


the hit drops every weekend, the numbers of commentators also drop on the weekend.


and my mood to blog over the weekend also drop, even i have a story bout the TV3 thingy…


i will blew up when you gotta mood of reading my blog and leaving comments..


For Redmummy.


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Red Ikea…


these were what we bought from the IKEA and JJ. the 2nd trip will be delivered in the afternoon today…


i can show you ni je lah yeah…which i got from JJ. hiks…

lelebih kena lah tunggu episode selanjut kan, cerita kat tv pun ada iklan and part by part kan kan kan….


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