Lenanya tidur…


few days ago, masa nak parking we found this guard tido lena, seriously x sedo lsg…


reversing pun, dia masih gak lena..


aku dah kuor keter, anak2 dah berdentum tutup pintu keter pun masih lagi dia kroh krohh…


4 of us lalu depan dia mmg dia sedapnya mimpi..on duty ni


close up view, wpun gambar kecik tp berdengkur x hengat..


hemm…..letih mak nengok.


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Looking back the old days…

…There was an article that mentioned “blogs” and I discovered they were public Internet diaries: anyone can write one and anyone can read them.. It was the hardest thing I have ever written but, for the first time in my life, I poured out everything that I was feeling.


… Blogs allow readers to post comments. There are millions of blogs out there, so I hardly expected anyone to read mine, let alone respond. But almost immediately they did. Twelve messages were left after my first entry. i went to the library five or six times that day – each time there were more.

…The next morning I couldnt wait to get up and hurry to the library. day after day I told my story. It gave structure and a purpose to my day. For so long I’d been unable to reach out in the real world, afraid of rejection or pity or scorn. But here it was anonymous, safe. This conneciton with people on the other side of the screen, many on the other side of the world, was bringing me back to life again.

I in the article = http://wanderingscribe.blogspot.com


Dear Redmummy readers,


i ve been in the blogging world for almost 3 years, young number but wt thousands of readers. I stop talking bout my red diva thingy in TV3 for a while coz i want you to look back bout the life of redmummy in the blogging world.


You really have to get the latest Feb Reader’s Digest, turn into page 34 – The Nights I Spent In My Car. Dont judge this entry by that title, read the whole article and nanti taulah korang napa aku suh korang baca citer tu, really related to my life, from noone in the blogging world, appears in the newspapers here and there, and latest redmummy to be soon appeared in TV3.


I know that i have thousands of followers, loyal readers but i know some of them are keep coming back to sit in redmummy.com not coz they are fan to red colour but they just want to read the life of a mother, daughter, sister and a wife. tapi ada jugak yang manis bagi comments kat sini, and at my back, muntah sebakul. the more u dont like me, the more you will be reading my entry. I m not saying about lalat, tapi dalam duri ada daging, dalam gunting ada lipatan… some being so hypocrite.


I will publish lots of photos during my shooting wt TV3, supposedly, but sengaja aku put it on hold first. Stay calm, and read peacefully. aku ngah buat flashing back….


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Red from TTDI…



related to red gak, but not from my collection lar…



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Red is resting…

kalo asik entry red red red jer, bosan le jugakkan..

so rehatlah kejap.

u tell me a story, i read.

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Red’s closing…



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