Charles & Keith, Pavillion (3)

The only red hbag from CnK yang aku nampak, but it s more to sling bag, nak pakai for casual pun macam x nice..the price is about RM60 ke RM70 aku lupa lah plak…

dah memang aku nak ngamik bila Ms Pretty Tall memujuk rayuku jangan ngamik, the shape is so biasa2 ajer gitu kan..tol gak ye dak.

then aku x ngamik lah, left CnK wt one pair of shoes only, will visit again, mbe next month

masalahnya kat pavillion gitu, tu yang kuasa weii nak pergi, kalo lam klcc tarak lah kisah jugak

Ms Pretty Tall is so excited to get her CnK in KL, kalo idak asal turun spore je berkotak2 lah dia kena beli

n we got crazy idea to snap few photos at the lobby of pavillion while waiting for Mr Bachelor beli air…

Red, when is this post will be published in your blog? we wanna see us in your blog!

Probably on Saturday girls

see…i ve set it up to Saturday, kalau korang nak belek on the CnK’s collections, check out to the first 2 posts before this entry ye…

Enough wt CnK’s posting then…the shoes price range here is between RM80 to RM200. i will post my cnk’s shoes bila aku pakai.

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