Tea plus shoes…

well well well, i didnt join sirman for his dinner wt frens, decided to stay on wt my official meeting at Aseana. last minute been arranged by top people.

teh tarik and pisang goreng panas, plus the discussion.

aku x kuasa lah nak rempuh jem, naik erl ke putrajaya, pi lak nilai bagai…penat teman heh! kang dia borak sakan ngan kawan2 dia aku gak melopong, malas heh. lelaki nya borak ni kadang2 aku malas nak interrupt. baik le aku layan discussion ni.

yezza…4 of us went to pavillion, makan at food court and dah…here we are at the 4th floor of charles & keith pavillion

each one of us got a pair of cnk’s shoes, i will post u lots of shoes and hbags collection from CnK a bit later.

price range is between RM80 to RM200…

quite cheap than eclipse, the price is considered the same after conversion wt Sin Dollars.

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