When Redmummy got fed up on Saturday…

the afternoon…

after abang and sirman went to ttdi, gegirl is bz wt her new Dolly Doll, Fifin dok sibuk mengemas moping cleaning etc…hemm

i cant sleep lah

kalo idak gatal je mata ni nak tido petang kan..

so aku pun buat rombakan furniture for the main hall and the main bedroom 🙂

the big red clock from Bangkok

The red area…plus all the used perfumes in one basked

n my plasma in our bedroom also tukar the position

the red stand lamp is now placed next to my bed, the red small lamp lak kubaling ke main hall

sirman balik…


you and fifin x de kejer ek? asyik nak menukar position jerr

the main area is gonna bertukar sana sini bagai lagi nearer to Raya

dont worry sirman, that s Redmummy and my good great helper, Fifin’s task, awak dok dendiam, shut your mouth 😛

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