The simple buka puasa for Red family…

ai told my good great helper, Fifin

akak nak buat tomyam putih arini, tolong siang and potong all these yeah..

emm by 5pm dia dah siapkan, by 6pm aku masuk dapur keluntang kelantong

everyday, we dont cook or open up our table macam bersungguh makan…..our buka puasa is normal like our dinner biasa2 jer..

for saturday, the menu is tomyam putih (carot, brocoli, corn kecik, fishball, udang ayam sotong etcs), sawi sos tiram and selar and ayam goreng garing…

that s all 🙂 simple kan?

sirman went out wt kids to buy small mini box pizza hut for abang yang dok craving for it since days ago, n tauhu sumbat for sirman also bubur pulut ijau for me the Redmom

the drinks, no additional still the same.

that s our simple buka puasa, doesnt matter itu weekdays or wkends.

excuse us…we have to entertain our new family member in the house…Ms Dolly Doll

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