The Apartment, The Curve

my super bloody tired  face!

the left is John from Maxis and in the middle is Ron from the Agent

my one last final update before aku ngapppppppp makan!

The Apartment Soup for appataizer

eh nampak x ai nye earring kecik tuh? hiksss

my main course, lapau aaa

my dessert, sedapppppppp, x manis. tapi aku suka.

one cute photo with Marilyn our Agent, sian dia penat bawak kami ke sana sini. n for sure ron the big chap

Ringgo and Audrey

From Left to the right

Cindy Teh

Ringo Tan

Chnthia Ong


Kimberly Low

Audrey ooi

Karen Marie

Jolene Lai

tq girls for having kak red in our get together, tq for being such a lovely sisters, comel2 seksi2 kamu ni sumer….

tq to nuffnang for choosing me.

tq to Maxis specially Susan, head of  Maxis Broadband for your trust to to blog bout your product too.

during our dinner, we had our sharing session on the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 powered by Maxis Broadband. we tok2 chat2…lam letih maya pun bergossip, but frankly the 7 girls still have their energy tapi aku cam dah penatnya halahai. hahahahahha bezanya the young girls tu wt mak orang nih.

anw ai shall blog more detaily on the mini Dell lagik but that will be posted later on lah yer. the Maxis entries are all more on our get together, the Maxis Girls Day Out. we wrapped up at 10ish pm, sirman  n kids fetched me half n hour later.

sampai umah aku kepengsanan tapi x tidur, coz aku tidur at 3ish am yer..bangun pagi ahad aku sambung lagi sesiapkan lagi entries yang ada. sekali pukul kati.

and dang! ai have an assignment to catch, matiklah dah due date tp x sesiap yet.

till ai get my official photos from the Maxis photographer, a new entry will be posted on that. gambo2 tu lagik cantik.

so now, boleh lah korang rembat satu Mini Dell, dah sesiap ada Maxis broadband, sesuai for the ladies sesangat, coz letak je lam hbag. for the boys lak lagi lah selamba bawak gitu jer hahahahhaha, serious lah, if ai have extra cash yang debak debuk, ai ll grab one.


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