Levi’s® Curves

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Girls with curves!

New product from Levi’s ® is on the board oredi, dah sampai KL since last March 2009…it s either you take it in a boot-cut, slim or in straight cut. i chose for boot cut. The jeans follow the shape of the body and wearing  this jeans make us feel & look more sexiness, wahhh! oklah, ada yang kata tak pernah nampak aku pakai jeans kan, so there u go my jeans from Levi’s ® Curves!

The Curves come in stretch and non-stretch versions, so kalo montok mampat cam aku yang montel nih amik hok stretchable lah, easy to go wahahhahaha, leh cover2 sket apa yang patut.


model is wearing the Levi’s® Curves

side view, amacam? nangis jangan leleh yer…


ai can carry my daughter easily….my weight tetiba jadik kurus sei pas pakai Curves


with my sporting daughter, ai can walk and pose like a young lady

people tot that we are sisters, that s bcoz ai m wearing Curves!


the beauty of wearing Curves, gegirl said ai look more prettier than wearing my slack or casual pant

so ni yang buat aku nya level of confidence pakai Curves lagik tinggi nih!


ai can walk with my son and daughter at the park,  biasa korang tengok aku ngan suar pendek lah ngan suor casual yang 3 quarter gitu, ai m not becoming a sexy mother, but a very confident mother, walking with her own children, ada curve some more….adalah sket bentuk badan tu dr before this nan ado!


ai can do yoga with gegirl, even with the Curves

melengkuk2 tak badan aku ngan curves tuh? cunnnnnnnnnn!


one complete set family, sirman is also wearing the Levi’s® Live Unbuttoned

N ai m comfortable to pose my back, only with Curves


New Feminine, Form flattering

Curves® jeans only for Women!

RM is wearing the Levi’s® Curves, courtesy by Levi’s® . Thank you Levis for the opportunity, to my readers, be the Curves!

Khidmat pesanan masyarakat Levi’s ® Curves is brought by redmummy.com!

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