To let go the old, for the new…


i m letting go my old stuff, i need a space, so to get ta new one, i really have to let go my old stuff. quite sad, but i have to do it. our new castle is only ready by 2010 next year, but i cannot wait till next year. ok for the books, aku kena pikir 19 juta kali lagi, coz for me, no matter how old is the book, tetap ilmu. that s y i never let it go, hilang tu sokmo ada.


pile of kain baju yang masih belom bergosok iron, ini masa fifin ada, dia tak sempat siapkan hari2, so bayangkan bila Fifin my super great best helper is going back to Indon for her 2 months leave. mau bilik baju ni penuh banjir with kain baju.

for 2 months while fifin is not around, kalau aku tak cukup baju nak pi kerja, aku beli je baru baru, kuasa aku nak iron2 hahahahaa.


some of my collection, ada yang blom pakai, ada yang dah 10 taun pakai tapi sayang nak bagi orang…but seriously i need lots of new space. IMG17455

the dress, the shirt, the skirt, the pants, everything, penuh empat bilik. bilik anak2 pun jadi bilik kain baju aku, so u are going to get it from me.

i wont give it for free coz i learn from my investment book, u wanna new things, gain it. so i will sell all of it with a very low price. serious murah, harga 5 – 10hinggit je aku jual.


kalau dulu i sold my shoes, now it s time to let go my clothes. tshirts merah memang banyakkkkkkkk giler. yang penting, aku dah tak muat nak pakai. kalau baju yang looks unisex, i can pass to my son, bayangkan anak aku leh pakai tshirt mak dia kau!


the red collection, banyakkkkkkk giler. mostly for covering an event, i only wore once or twice, and i will keep it in wardrobe tak berusik2. so aku kena let go. eh tapi baju sponsor tak bley key, baju sponsor aku leh pakai balik and bergaya semula coz it s a sponsored dress. i like………………

tiap kali dapat baju sponsor, leh pakai ulang2 and leh sebut promote the baju sponsor tu. that s the best thing on baju sponsor.


i ll wait for Sirman to shoot the photos

Gegirl will assist me on choosing the right clothes for you

Saya akan buka Garage Sale Redmummy in 1 -2 weeks time 🙂 Shop at RM is back again!!!

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