RedBunny wears PRADA!


it started when i read the blog post at Nuffnang’s site, a give away for PRADA and Burberry’s handbags for whoever yang datang with Bunny outfit. The audience will vote for the fav bunny that they like.

I dont have the plan for the voting yet

but i know that i need the handbag so much. It s designer’s handbag!! so i dragged Ayu The Sun to our secret place, and rent the costume. Behind the scene nya story, ai chose another red outfit for my bunny, tapi Ayu insisted me to pick the one yang saya pakai lam gambar nih. Gilo ko, tak ke over maut. but she kept saying, Redmummy has to wear that!

Ayu kalau akak kalah, siap ko, ko jangan lariiii, kalau akak menang, you can start announcing ‘LIHATLAH DUNIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Ayu yang pilih baju Kak Red’

perkhh…..tunggu je lah dia post entry pasal lihatlah dunia yer…

aisay….well ok. a day before the event, Rose helped to buy me the red bow tie, just 25 hinggit jer. The basket bag was a gift from my reader, so Sirman said it looks good for RedBunny too…ala2 mak arnab hahahahaha!


i brought my own bunny ears but Playboy pun ada provided gak. so pakai je lah Playboy punya. N kupinjam Gegirl punya hair accessories, mak nya nak pakai buat ikat rambut mar….waa gegirl tak kemut, she s very supportive daughter. abang u know already, he doesnt care…asal mak tak kaco dia nak tengok kartun udah.

make up done by myself, and we rushed to Midvalley Megamall. I got good parking spot, n my RM’s supporters sudah siap sedia di Playboy.


As i said before, saya bagi hint lam blog, tp tak cakap terus terang kan nak mintak korang datang. but i told my few frens to support me.

I have Ayu The Sun, Rose and daughter,

Lyn Yusof and Amy,

Alamfana and Mr N,

Yaty Beckam,

Amirachaos and the boys, Ady and Dann

just them. itu jer yang aku roger kan pun 🙂


hot funky Ringgo @ Cheesy. She knows the pose. me so lar very the mak bunny nya pose! Kalau u all nak belajar buat rambut sanggul2 amoi or the latest style of doing the pony tail , hook up lah ngan blog ringgo, i learnt jugak from her blog, for my daughter 🙂

rambut aku tak panjang nak buat syle2 gitu mar…


There were 30 bunny ears open to public but only 13 bunnies jer yang masuk. But i salute lah the rest yang datang walk in, like my case i read it and i know i have to be all out to compete with the other girls.

Amoi2 ni sume sexy2 mar…………..i cannot be too sexy, but i know i can win from my outstanding outfit n kena dragged!  Cuma aku kena hati muka tebal lah. u imagine how i walk from the parking to the Center Court of Midvalley. dengan kasut tinggi 5 inci mak merah…perkh. with that costume?? can u imagine hehehehee…saya buat selamba arnab jerrr 🙂

dengan baju ngelip2, eyelashes tebal panjang Cleopatra. Tips of the day, do some efforts and dont bother bout others.


Jojo was the host, you may have seen my photo earlier if you read Jojo’s tweeter. sempat lagi dia update tuh! I was introduced to her mother, her sister and aunty. Pleasure to meet them in person, been working with Jojo for Project Alpha and now we came back again on stage for Playboy.

So anw, all of us have to do the catwalk in front of the public…

I m not a catwalk model, hahahhahahaa!


But i know ekor bunny aku cute 🙂

To attract the voters, the outfit is there already but i need to catch their attention to really vote for me! yay!


thank god i have Ringgo, coz the rest of the girls, x ramai yang aku kenal. just 2 of them jer while we met during blog events. then the event move on with the voting from the audience….

I need to do the hard sell promo lah kan…


see the group, they are writing the voting number. VOTE for NUMBER 2, that s my bunny number!


the group of the voters, they voted for me, and diorg pun selamba jadi PR RM untuk mintak audience lain to vote for me too. tqtqtqqqqqqqqqq korang!


alamfana and mr n, helped me out to get the attention from the audience. The Indian couple are very nice, they do not know me but they want me to win, so they dropped by from the top floor just purposely to support RM. thank you!


I was kidnapped by Micheal’s team to do an internal promo on Playboy and fyi the crew are all from the Project Alpha. Since i know them ngan depa2 sekali aku tarik to vote for me. They hv got not choice to vote for me hahahahhaha!

N guess what s Tim doing, he is taking a photo of my pink ekor!! amboi ko Tim!

Kak Red, whos that Tim?

Tim is the founder of Nuffnang mar…..


i walked around with my supporters, to find ppl, bukan senang kay. ko ngan outfit gitu nak dptkan orang vote ko. saw green couple, sangat romantis ko, top to toe ngan ijau2 nya, tak kira, tolong vote gak. n memang ramailah yang aku tarik utk vote. there are no judges, it s all based on the ppl yang kat lam MV tu jugak. so nak tak nak kena jugak mintak orang yang kita tak kenal to vote for me


well then comes to final part, all bunny girls brought back the goodie bag worth of RM70. Thank you Playboy 🙂


The Playboy set which definitely for Sirman…. anw fyi, event was started at 4pm, but i start doing my make up at almost 2pm. We didnt bring the kids of cos lah kan, most of my blog events i dont tag my kids along, unless it s really2 need for them to be around.


4th place goes to Isabelle. We always meet during the blog event, one tip to share, dia pakai eyeliner kaler itam  pekattttttttttttttttttttttttttttt lawa giler, she use the gel eyeliner from Bobby Brown. gel ni yang aku lemahh sket nih. gel eyeliner yang ada pun tak berpakai2.


3rd place goes to the lady in black, sweet smile of her.

notice siapa di belakang saya, the director of Project Alpha! Michael. Playboy is part of his project too mar.


so the Top 2 winners of Playboy Bunnies, will get the PRADA and Burberry handbags. as per modeled by the Rusian Playboy girls.


Tziaa and I were announced as the Top 2 winners! suker suker suker… of the handbags is gonna be mine, yey!

n Jojo announced that i got 85 votes while Tziaa got 56 votes from the audience and shoppers of Midvalley, n gave me the right to choose which handbags that i wanted to pick.


tell u the truth, before the event, i m so aiming for the Burberry, so much.

oh tau tak aku ngan mak arnabnya buat inspection kat dedua handbags. i  need to check the compartment lah yang oi, nak tengok mana satu yang really suits me.


but i change to Prada at a very last minute, though i m so aiming for Burberry. Reason was coz the Prada is the most expensive RM2,900 yet the Burberry is RM2,1000. N even the Rusian models dok whispered to me

take the Prada take the Prada, dont take the Burberry

ha kau! so PRADA it is!


Tziaa got the Burberry, n me with my new PRADA….2 hours event is such a nice memory to me. kalau kalah pun nice memory jugak lah tp siap lah aku kejar ayu the sun. kan costume aku tu ayu yang pilih lorrr. Anw, everybody should be congratulated too, diorang berani datang upfront buat catwalk, pakai sexy2, they are young girls, i m sure some of them adalah model jugak. Congratulation to all bunny girls!


Naf came in blue, takper takper….sib baik Helmi penyibuk orang nak bergambo di sebelah memakai merah, but where s Lin, mesti dia pi mengekor jaga si Bang Nara yang tak udah2 mengorat amoi sexy.


Naf @ Kak Nara korang, as always my good supporter but Beautifulnara @ Wan sangat sedih hahahaha, buat advertorial Playboy tapi hanya mampu memegang PRADA ku 😛

I think Wan votes for me, unless dia pi vote amoi2 sexy tu aku tak tau lah kan…alangkan gf dia si Lin depan mata pun dia sibuk mengekor amoi2 lain hahahaha ketetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.


Photos session with the press, the organizer and sponsors.

Itu Lamborghini aaa….boleh plak pasnih aku nak aim? hahahahha giler aa. but at least my new PRADA sempat gak diselit2 amik gambo!



Interview session with Jojo and do the bunny tail 🙂

donno when is the next event to get click click with her again…and MICHAEL too 🙂


Few of us went for dinner at Alexis with the Nuffies, sponsored by Sam of Adidas Action 3. It was also Tim and Audrey’s 1st anniversary. Not even the girls, but Tim oso wanna see what s the best of the PRADA that I won.


Cindy was late for the Playboy, she missed the bunny session but takper, kang kalo dia masuk ngan dia2 lagi leh menang sondol semua. Audrey is not interested to participate, but frankly speaking, even i m a mother of 2, and so way older than them, n yes they are chinese but we can click every time we see each other.

What s the tips?

Be humble, they will be your frens like u wanna be their frens. that s y if ada sahaja blogging job event yang saya kena pergi, to they 3 juga lah saya menyelit, n they will tag me along.

Simple concept i apply, 1 Malaysia and 1 Redmummy.


ahah another behind the scene, David the important guy for Project Alpha and Micheal tried to rescue my hair!! mana pi tah masa ni the girls aku ahahhahaha, sudahnya diorg 2 yang godamkan. hikss…


With the good great supporters yang menunggu hingga the end of the event. Rose and Amira left right after they did the voting, thanks to the sponsor, Nuffnang, the audience and shoppers in Midvalley. Finally one little photo with Sirman in the group, kena paksa masuk lam gambar baru dia nak nyelit.


5 months ago, i won LG LCD TV from my Red Devil costume, remember? N from the Playboy RedBunny, i walk away with PRADA handbag.

sounds good….RED DEVIL wears PRADA 🙂 but now RedBunny also has to wear and carry PRADA.

kompem pasnih kalau ada lagi costume event, depa tak bagi dah aku masuk. So what s next, PRADA will be going to Nuffnang Blog Awards!

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