Spending for Sirman…


n MNG has new stocks coming in…

ke aku yang dah lama tak melepak kat Mango sampai tak tau ini bila masa punya product sampai. red red red! everywhere. didnt take any of them, coz even i m red collector, but i dont carry many red handbags. ada tu adalah but for hbag aku lebih suka campur adukkan the colours.

anw, redmummy just won PRADA so there s no reason for me to buy a new one.

just not now….

btw for the shopping of the day, specially for Sirman, kita call it again a birthday gift. October is my boys birthday, one is on 19th and one is on 23rd.

I m broke oredi šŸ™


a lady looks like hong kong artist, tp dari msia jer….

she has a weapon, that she carries everyday….


1 brushes bag of MAC, that s the weapon!

menjadi seorang make up artist for MAC, itu sume riban2 nya brushes set yang oi…

Dear fren, enjoy your Beijing trip šŸ™‚


n this is a lady in red top, waiting for someone inside the fitting room…

giler boring menunggu orang, kalau soping utk barang sendiri takpa gak. but it s for someone else…


giler berasap boring, abih gambo diri tegak n senget kuambil

i m at the men section kerna itulah aku enggak betah mahu duduk di situ berlama2….


sebab boring, i went into the fitting room…

kaco ngendap apa orang tu bikin…


someone is going for an interview

kena base kat Dubai…mintak2 tak berjaya lah interview tuh hohooooooooooooo!

yes to the people from his workplace, he has rejected few international offers, but sebab anak2 sudah semakin membesar, he decided to try his luck. only pi interview jer…

kot lah dapat itu belakang kira. baru kita bincang balik dok 4 mata. i wish he wont be getting it….wahahahha

ai m so very the tak supportive tang2 part dia kena pi jejauh nih….


that s y i feel so bored to hang out in the men section. so not my place to shop. dont get anything for me, it s only for him….


in fact saya makan alone without him, lambat nau sampainya for the dating nite. lama gak korang tak dengo our dating nite kan, tp it s ot really dating if i have to spend 2 hours with him for his shopping thingy. why men needs new attire, semata2 for interview?



photo by amirachaos

hard to get him now to be in the photo, specially while attending the blog event…so one piece of photo, courtesy by my supporter for the RedBunny wears PRADA…


there the closest part for my make up!

kalo dah pakai eyelashes sebeban gini, tak yah lah nak eyeshadow heavy sangat. tp aku applied gak merah supaya anytime aku rasa nak cabut e/lashes takde lah nampak compang mata aku.

tp sebenarnya pakai bulu mata palsu lagi senang nak cuci make up mata. kalo idok kena pakai mascara 3 layers…lagi letih nak pakai cleansing oil for cleaniless.

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