RM became RedBunny for PRADA….


When Playboy ask me to come in bunny….

i give you the RedBunny 🙂

When I ask you to vote  me for the best bunny….

Audience in Midvalley voted for me.


I didnt tell you, in this blog that i wanna participate to this contest (**malu) but i gave you the hint hint sana sini oredi. serious sangat segan nak suh korang help me out to vote for me kat Midvalley.

So i asked my GBM and few girls to support me, n with the help of the Audience in Midvalley, I brought back the reversible PRADA!!!

stories bout how, why, when, what and who – everything bout the Playboy’s Launching, from the beginning of my RedBunny’s project, to talk bout it later.

More updates, links and photos to come soon.


it s not 2.8k

My new collection, the PRADA is worth RM2,900!!!

Thank you Playboy and  Thank you to the voters in Midvalley, whoever you are, RedBunny thanks :).

I won the Grand Prize!

Yes, u read me, PRADA handbag worth RM2,900 is finally mine!!!



Now i feel like to have 2 handbags of PRADA 🙂


RedBunny’s costume, just cost me RM80 and I borrowed my daughter’s bunny hairband, for my hair and accessories! Make up is done by myself, idea of hairstyle is from Sirman…


Thanks everyone 🙂

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