The faces from the Gala Nite…


KY & Kim n amoi …


Shila, Iza and Wani

depa 3 nih pakai dress meletup2! will try to put the portrait photo nanti.


David Nuffnang and Tziaa



I m one happy customer for the dress sponsored by MyBajoo, make up by the sponsor RedGlow, the flight by MAS, the tour and hotel and everything by Nuffnang.  I ve no complaint so please dont speak on behalf of me bout the service and product that i carry…….because i m one happy blogger,customer and user.

saya juga ada t/jwb untuk do the advertorial for the sponsors, so one day one time yer. we have the engagement, behind the scene noone knows the story.

n i love the nite, Gala Dinner Nite.

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