RM20million worth of prizes from Celcom!

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Hey lucky readers of RM, ada big big big tango promotion from Celcom starting 18 August  – 10 October 2010! Camne bunyiknya? of cos best giler…now come read this entry closely:

  • RM20million worth of prizes to be given out, hoi banyaknya….. duit rayaaa!
  • Consumers macam kita boleh receive 20 SMS up to RM1000 cash yey, the list of rewards that customers can potentially get are:

RM1,000 cash (limited to 1000 customers only)

Vodafone V541 mobile phone (limited to 100 customers only)

Free Frens & Family SMS/Voice on-net (validity from 1 – 7 days sahaja)

Free AirCash RM5

Free Mobile Internet for 1 Day

Free Airtime from RM1 – RM15 (valid for 1 Day gak)

Free Minutes to Celcom network (from 5mins to 60mins, valid for 1 Day)

Free Call Me Tones (for 1 month)

Free MMS (from 20 to 3000, valid for 1 Day)

Free SMS to Celcom network (from 20 to 3000, valid for 1 Day)

Customers are GUARANTEED to get a reward, as long as they reload min RM20 in 1 week.

Customer WILL NOT get same prize twice. seperti contoh if customer dah terima Free Call Me Tones in Week 1, they will not get the same thing again bila depa reload RM20 in any subsequent weeks.

Customers harus reload min Rm20 in 1 week and boleh dapat reward. Reload amount of RM20 tidak perlu dalam single reload, boleh di accumulated over the period of 1 week.


Me dalam banyak2, wahh mana satu aku nak nih. emm… i prefer  the Vodafone V541 mobile phone so boleh bagi kat Sirman as his birthday gift. jimat duit ai….lagipun both of us are Celcom users too 🙂 . So sama2 join the promo, kalo idak kang abih sume aku bolot kang. eh eh…oh over plak ai kay. Apa pun, korang reload je at least RM20 pun dah dapat guaranteed to get a different reward pada setiap minggu.

Zass zass at www.xpax.com.my now now now, 20juta tuuu!

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