Dress up your baby with TRUDY & TEDDY contest!!

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Umur Abang is going to be 10 years old this year and Gegirl will be 7 years old. Big? Bigger than babies…. nak baby ler lagik but blom ada rezeki yet oh sudah berisi. Opss mulut masin, no 3 is coming actually 🙂

I nak masuk contest nih, Dress Up Your Baby with Trudy & Teddy Contest, not to worry, bukan saya sorang sahaja yang layak, kamu semuaaaaaa pun layak. Tapi perlu diingat, hanya anak yang berumur 4 tahun ke bawah sahaja yang layak coz it s only up to 4 years old baju2 from Trudy & Teddy.

Wait wait, b4 that, korang tau ke mana nak carik the outlets of Trudy-Teddy? Yeah saya akan mudahkan perjalanan kerja korang, click it here, korang boleh carik kat any of the store locator yek. Itu first thing firstlah. 

Store Locator

Klang Valley Penang Kuantan
Isetan Gardens Jusco Queensbay Mall Parkson East Coast Mall
Isetan KLCC Parkson Gurney
Isetan Lot 10 Kota Kinabalu
Jusco AU2 Melaka Parkson One Borneo
Jusco Bukit Tinggi Jusco Bandaraya Melaka
Parkson Alamanda Parkson Mahkota Parade Johor
Parkson The Mall Jusco Tebrau City
Sogo KL


Wokey. Next nak kena buat apa pulak?

Dah dapat clothes for the kids, silalah dress up kan depa with any of Trudy & Teddy’s apparel. Huh, mak pak cam korang bukan tak tau kerja nih, dah memang hehari korang pakaikan baju depa kan.  Then next one amik gambar the kids.  Last one, korang register as Mystar.com.my ‘s member di :

Mystar.com.my and upload the photo into the contest page at Parenthots.com

You can start now, now now and ada 4 rounds every quarter and grand finale dalam jangkamasa dari 1st Aug 2010 to 31st July 2011.

Next quarter (also it’s the last quarter) photo submission adalah dari 1st May 2011 till 20th June 2011  manakala the voting to end on 11th July 2011 (wah senang nak ingat, ni birthday RM!). Untuk grand finale pulak, the 12 finalists untuk FB page will be from 14th July and end on 27th July.

Get your frens and family to start voting for Dress Up your Baby With Trudy & Teddy Contest on 1st May 2011 – 20th June 2011.


Nak hadiah apa???????

For the 4 quarterly rounds

Grand Prize      : RM500 Trudy & Teddy Products

1st Prize          : RM300 Trudy & Teddy Products

2nd Prize         : RM200 Trudy & Teddy Products

For the Grand Finale

1st Prize            : RM500 Trudy & Teddy Products + RM500 Cash

2nd Prize           : RM300 Trudy & Teddy Products + RM300 Cash

3rd Prize           : RM150 Trudy & Teddy Products + RM150 Cash


From top to toe, Zara and Khyre and wearing Trudy-Teddy

Ada rules apa???

  1. Sesapa pun yang residents of Malaysia berhak join the contest
  2. You must be registered to the MyStar, with valid personal information. Log on to MyStar.com.my to register. (ie. New IC number and name as appears on the IC)
  3. Contestants  boleh submit more than 1 entry TETAPI hanya satu sahaja yang entitled untuk satu prize. So apa lagik, snaplah beratus kali and send it to the page 🙂
  4. In the event of a tie, there will be a tie-breaker to determine the winner. The tie-breaker will be in the form of slogan writing – “I don’t need to have an occasion to dress up because Trudy & Teddy…”
  5. Pemenang akan diannounce dan dipublished di ParenThots and the Trudy & Teddy Facebook page, ambo gelemer ler korang!

So first thing first,  log on to Parenthots.com or Trudy & Teddy’s Facebook page.

Sedikit info untuk korang yang tak biasa lagi dengan brand Trudy & Teddy:

Trudy & Teddy – An expression of a mother’s love for her baby….sedapnya bunyik ni kan?

Inspired by the classic European style, Trudy & Teddy offer a range of modern and refined yet timeless apparels for the precious little ones. A new elegant style in subtle shades is born. It is the everyday style that can be easily matched. Each piece of Trudy & Teddy apparel is beautifully finished and harmonizes with detailed embellishments such as laser embroideries, lace trimming, high density or aluminum foil prints and completed with a perfect cut.  Lovingly created for the babies, Trudy & Teddy makes it possible for every mother to proudly show off her pride and pleasure, and enjoy creating moments or special occasions to dress up their baby. It is also a wonderful gift to usher the newborn.


RM pun boleh masuk, tapi anak2 aku dah besau, aku leh registerkan for my sister and her kids je lah. But sebabnya saya announce dalam nih coz ai tau ramaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii readers di RM nih yang mempunya anak2 kecil yang berumur kurang dari 4 tahun. Betul tak?

Kak Red, you kerja kat KLCC, boleh tak tolong belikan kain baju Trudy & Teddy for my kids?

Eh boleh jer, ai can buy for you, on behalf. Boleh boleh. Dalam Isetan KLCC ada Trudy & Teddy, you bagi what type of apparel you nak, size etcs and do the necessary, I boleh tolong jadi Personal Shopper for your beautiful babies. Momantai!


So jangan lupa, log on to Parenthots.com or Trudy & Teddy’s Facebook page. Cute kan Khyre and Zara pakai Trudy & Teddy 🙂

Khidmat pesanan masyarakat Trudy & Teddy is brought by Redmummy.com

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