LV and Anya’s the latest collection!



makan sushiiiiiiiiiiiiii wt gf tapi leka makan tak dok gambar!


Kan tops yang ke main banyak aku show dari Pavillion arituh. hahahaha actually semuaaaaa aku beli except the brown and the green yang mahal kedaung! this is the pink sleeveless top wt my black cardigan. That’s LV Wilshere.


Then i got my new LV, Sherwood PM in red vernis!


Similar to my blue bling Anya Hindmarch’s Clutch, i got this, the silver pulak!

Before that, if you notice, dalam my Tupperware S/Post pun ada orange Loewe. susah benau nak tegakkan bag tuh untuk ngamik gambar. Btw, i didnt buy these at one go, tak ingatlah but not this month or last month definitely, i ordered the LV and AH through Diva Darling. in fact i paid all these b4 getting my ITB Chanel.

Thanks Diva Darling!

She bawak balik 2 big luggages, 1 luggage jer her stuff, 1 luggage lagik penuh isi my barang, lain isi, to reveal later 🙂

You want yours? Personal Shopper job via Diva Darling Boutique! Or email her now now at

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