Red Short Holiday = Three

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Red Short Holiday = Two

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Red Short Holiday = One

The outing in PD, wt my bro Ayin (wife and daughter) and my sis Nana (husband and son)

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Short holiday…

Remember that we got big bang bonus from sirman last month? n soon i m gonna get my portion too for my last year’s service. we can go to any part of the world, we can spend and shop till drop…

i have googled here and there, i have forwarded to sirman for his approval, the places that we intend to go either with or without kids.

Paris, Moscow, Bangkok, Krabi, Dubai even Langkawi..

Semua sirman said ok, but choose one place lah kalo semua pokai la weii… pakai cash babe, we dont have cc!

But aku tetap rasa x nak spend the money even sirman dah said yes…

and I chose the nearest beach to be our short holiday…

the rest of the money..goes to tabung haji and asb. i m happy 🙂

after months of waiting, i m going for a short holiday wt my family, 3 families actually. tetap tidak akan bercuti, dont worry…

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