Red Day…

monday, it s not a good day to me…hiksss

though my fren in office told me that one big great news is waiting for me 🙂

took gegirl before we went to clinic, my sis kidnapped her to my other sis’s house

dahlah pala aku ngah pening badan dah mula suam

balik umah terus kong berselubung, dek penangan ubat

tapi aku kena bangun x sampai pun an hour after that…

it s my gegirl’s birthday eve, x leh lelembik, harus melawan

bukan tetiap ari bday anak aku datang…

tq for the birthday wishes for my little princess

she has something for all of you on her birthday day,  got 2 you tube videos some more

stay tune 🙂

you will like it!

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