LV and Coach!


Clockwise from the top: Black, Gray, Cinnamon and Saffron

These beauties are US$ 398.00 (MYR 1393.00/ SGD 576.00). Here’s more on Maggie:

If you like lightly textured patent leather, you might like to take a look at the patent range. They are also going for US$ 398.00 (MYR 1393.00/ SGD 576.00). See? Very nice!


From left to right: White, Cobalt and Black

Even with shipping charges, am sure you’ll save a few hundreds. Here’s a tip. For even more savings, get your Coach loving sister, mother, grandmother, aunts or friends to consolidate their purchases with you.

Tengok2 ler Coach bag atas tuh..

nak soping, go direct via vshub

aku copy sejibik and credit to them but with their permission of course.

my first choice is Saffron!!

Next to all peminat2 LV, acik merah nak tanya nih…

sapa2 yang ada kerja kat Louis Vuitton KL or Singapore. I nak tahu harga for a Damier Geant Canvas, Couguar, Earth Color kat KL berapa?

Or is there any email address of a contact person yang I boleh tanya pasal bende alah ni. Thank you!

Kalo x tak dak orang tau, aku kena tepon LV KLCC terus nih…ni aku tanya on behalf of a fren yang nun jauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kat obersi sanun.

kol 4 pagi nya entry! hamek…….kol bape le aku nak tidur nih, ni bukan auto publish, ni memang live nya posting!

eh tlg yer

satu tolong beli lah belah via vshub online

duanya tlg riki2 harga utk LV nya design tuh pls…


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