From Jojo’s Web for Project Alpha…

Yes, finally saya revealed jugak apa sebab saya ada contract agreement so on, I m now officially one of the product for the Season 1 of Project Alpha Bloggers…

what is Project Alpha, terlalu banyak explanation, i have to keep this secret for like a month, Nuffnang has booked and offered me for this grand big project, yes u read me, saya satunya2 blogger wanita melayu yang terpilih, I m so the lucky Redmummy, aku menumpang tuah the red blog, 🙂

From the note dari Jojo Struys page, she s the host for the Project Alpha bloggers, featuring the top 7 bloggers in Malaysia….

I’ve just started filming PROJECT ALPHA. It’s about Malaysia’s Top Bloggers (the real deal, where they live, who they are, how they tick)and I’ll be hosting all 49 episodes, yup, you read that right (I’m gonna be flat out!) but each ep is fast paced, short n sweet (less than 5 mins) It won’t be out till mid Sept.

It’s a REALLY diverse bunch of bloggers we’re featuring from a girl who lives out of her suitcase, I mean seriously, she’s always in some country or rather, how cool right? (I want her job!) to a top Malay entertainment blogger (if you wanna know the latest gossip), to a daredevil, 2 shopaholics and fashionistas. This is gonna be fun and some of us are doing CRAZY things on this shoot.


N to update her twitter, she s the only outsider entitle to use my own personal computer from the main room, the live update from my house, sehari suntuk shooting with 3 different locations…

N slowly from today onwards, i will post few photos for behind the scene of Project Alpha Bloggers! To Nuffnang, the sponsors and the production team, thank you for the big opportunity.

If you wanna be in the Season 2, carilah tips yang pernah saya berikan dahulu…coz I m one of the 7 of Top Malaysian Bloggers! Saya menulis blog saya dalam bahasa Melayu, wanita melayu dan seorang ibu dan saya mendapat pengkitirafan akhirnya. One step ahead.

Thanks for being my good loyal readers everyone. Saya mahu kamu bangga sama saya.

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