RM’s Car Sticker sudah posted!


ai got my RM’s car stickers oredi. ai paid for10pcs, tapi ada readers aritu tak sempat aku nak tutup booking dia udah order, so ai gave my portion 2 pcs, ai took 4 for our 2 cars. the balance tuh for my personal frens and family.

that s the view dari cermin keter depan yer…


oh aku adalah tamak, belakang pun aku nak tampal gak. the top one. the bottom tuh was printed since last year, the colour is more to pink/purple. the correct one is the top.


aaa dari dalam ….. waaaa sangat seronok sudah ada official RM’s car sticker :)

tongkat sakti red devil aku ado lagi tu ha leh nampak lam keter, ari sabtu pi nganto, katanya bukak kol 11pagi, kol 2 lebih datang kedai tak bukak gak. berbulu tol gua nak berulang alik. nak datang on sat nite, dia tutup till 6pm. ahhh! so kulu kilirlah bawak tongkat sakti sepanjang weekend.


and the depan lagik sekali..ha harus tokey RM kena pose dulu sblm orang2 lain tempek lam blog or email gambo depa ngan car sticker.

so Kojah, nama ko napa takde lam KIV list, kok aritu ke main marah akak kay…ini adalah entry car sticker ye all sumer, bukan entry cite pw  ke hapa. tak puas hati kalu, campak lam email anto kat aku.

korang yang dah ordered and bayo car sticker tuh, cuba nanti check kat post box memasing. lam this week mesti dapat. pada yang tak bayo lagik tuh, u know lah sapa you kan, kalo by midnite tonite takde payment gak, saya release your booking order to those yang berminat nak beli yer, ada a few yang masih lagi dalam KIV list.

SAPA YANG MASIH MAU INI CAR STICKER, pls contact siti.amiha.ayu@gmail.com. itupun awak duk dalam KIV yer, bukan terus kompem dapat.

Contest pasal car sticker nih, lain kali la kita bincang. entry jilat menjilat car sticker pun tak kuor yet, nanti mlm ke esok aku post lah. abih sume program lari mar…..

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LG Blog Launch Party when RM won the LCD TV!


haaa siksa ko nak dok lam keter, kena dok belakang baru muat ngan devil’s weapon.


few asked me:

is this your original hair?

aloloo…kalo ni lah original hair aku, lamo dah sirman kerat!


The party was held at the Menara Hap Seng on last Friday nite 8th may 2009


Life’s Good when you’re a blogger, ain’t it? You get to express yourself as much as you want. Some of us are as pure as an angel, showing everyone that we care for the environment, society and upholding our principles in life while some are rather mischievous or devilish in nature with our sarcasm, cynical remarks and little white lies. But hey, no one should judge you as you should be who you are in life. After all, Life’s Good when you live the way you enjoy it.


Mr TY KO, MD & CEO of LG Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd is launching the LGBlog


As the blogging culture grows in Malaysia, LG recognizes the importance of the platform and has now launched the LG Blog to communicate with its consumers and the mass audience in Malaysia. The LG Blog will serve as a platform to disseminate latest product information along with various activities by LG which ease public queries on the latest developments of LG Electronics in Malaysia. – Nuffnang said.


bazir weih buang belon tu, bagi anak2 aku pun syok…sonok depa main belon dok diam2 5min jer lah….



ai have rose gbm, she pun tak tau lah aku datang pakai costume cenggitu, my perangai yang suka berahsia is not only for this event but for all occasions.

aku cucuk dia ngah tongkat terbangku, coz dia boleh terpinga2 ‘sapa le pompuan setan merah ni, overnyer!’

Thank you Rose and her husband, Sirman where is Rose husband’s photo? penat mamat tu bersorak sirman weii!


Vernice from Nuffnang


the working angel from nuffnang, Carol


mengaco je lah belon LG tuh, aku nak hipo cucuk si Robb pun jadik kartun lah pulak. Robb Nuffnang is one of the finalists for the best dress Angel.

Nice hair cut dude!


let s pose for business then…



pose for the official LG’s press


talking bout the white angel from LG tuh kan, she maintained her smile throughout the party, aku dok perati dia nya lipstick gloss tu, cantiknyaaaaaaaa juta2! they just gave their smiling mood, berpeluh leher tengkuk tuh, pun maintain jugak mood dia. luckily ai dont hve to give good smile. hahahahaha ai me the Red Devil!


there, the competition for the best dancers. angel vs the devil….Si panjang won the Best Dancer Angel. sib baik lah depa suh dia menari, if he has to sing, matiklah. he has no voice that nite.


pose with Thomas, ai hve known him since our buka puasa session last year. he s tall, very2 tall!


ko cakap apa dik?


napa le ko pakai menatang nih dik, susah tol ai wanna hear you lah.

he s one of the finalists for the Red Devil’s….bila dia bukak mask muka nya tuh, dah macam mandi air je aku tengok rambut dia. panas ek? ha tu ler ko, siksa kan. ko tak tau pala akak ni ha lagi sakit bawak wig bosar godang nih


merah is everywhere….


Simon – aaa donno his link


akak rasa wig akak ni nak tercabut dah, korang nak akak menangkan, ha meh sini tlg repair sket sepit2 nih

tak geti la kak

ko sepit jer janji tak tangal, nak suh sirman lagi la dia tak geti, nak aku menang kan? ha bikin pala aku ni dulu

thanks to my 2 Rose and Alamfana!


Sirman and Rose


Sirman and Alamfana


Nicholas from Nuffnang becomes the Devil, only for the tanduk. baju baru balik keje ke bang? ni sure tak kuasa nak dress up kan…


alright let’s talk business then. by the way, ai love to stand at that stage coz atas pala aku tu ada fan, kalo kat dalam ada ekon but orangnya sesak bebenor. ai went in during the 2 competition starts.


just make it short, it s time for the final of the best dress for the devil and the angel.


among the Angel’s finalists


RM on the podium


ai heart my red devil’s costume….(belakang dalam hati beratnya kepala akuuuuuuuu!)


what s this guy’s name, aiyo forgot. but ai remember masa borak ngan dia:

who did your make up?

ai use the face paint

the black?

ai use my mom’s mascara, she was screaming like hell

at least u won for something, the horrible devil’s dress, and brought back the LG’s mobile cookie, so how to use this gadget?

frankly speaking redmummy, ai donno a cent bout it!

now go home and show it to your mom, u won something from her mascara. Happy Mom’s Day to her.


You should see the white angel nih menari atas podium. Sangatlah putih bersih suci gitu ahahahhhaah, alo ai m the devil, do ai have to look nice? muahahahahha…Kim the angel brought back the same tv as mine, she won The Purest Angel aka Best Dressed Angel!

So, we the girls are the winner for the night.

nampak tandukku tinggal sebelah jer? dari gambar ni aku tau yang tanduk sblh tu ha ada kat lantai kaki ku! deii…ai walked with one tanduk, nasib baik masa ni semua formal program dah abih, and with my big wig, noone notice.


alamfana and Mr N, her bf, usaha gigih untuk mendapatkan lucky draw ye dik

theres a story behind of this LG Party. think last week ai got an email from her asking me the tips for attending the LG Party. me meramburamba bagi 2 cents advise about socializing, but since she didnt ask whether ai m attending or not, ai didnt say. ai think if she asks pun, ai would rather keep quiet.

well..ai dont tell ppl on my attendance except to Nuffnang.

n lobang pecah bila he met sirman

mana kak red, bang?

dia tak datang

aaa tu kak red!

tu bukan kak redlah, tu Red Diva Devil!


fana tolong akak dik, wig akak nak tertanggal la

saya tak geti kak

ko tepek je le, dari dia tanggal terus


thanks fana for helping me that nite…pose for RM.

so now u all dah kenallah alamfanacinta kan?


Cindy is hot tonite, ah silap, she is hot every day siang and malam.

ai hate to see your Levi’s Curves entry, the photos that u posted was like ages, ai was damn fat lah cindy in that entry

ai know Red, but that s the only photo u pointed my bum

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! but ai love u cindy, so u are forgiven.


Kim Ong’s big sister. simple tapi red top dia cantik. kakak, kalao pakai red clutch lagikkkkk cantik tau kak!


this lady, aku rasa dress dia sangat unik, the red sock is a must to get!


ai totally forgot her name, but always see her on most of Nuffnang occassions, she has a very nice red sock too….rambut dia pun cantiklah. not  some kind rambut yang macam elaine kang ha gitu. but ala2, ikal mayang tapi versi lurus. ah, but still, ai like her hair.

Eh are you from fear Factor show? u seem familiar to me.


What did ai get Sir for winning the The Most Wicked Devil aka Best Dressed Devil


Deliver to my house?

Yes, my staff will get in touch with you, we are sending to your house very soon.

Thank you Sir, how much is the LGC LCD TV again?



the ‘bitchy’ juries for the competition, they were acting like the Malaysian Idol juries. they are just actinglah, bukan betul2 sound bertepek2 macam lam MI tuh…cool babe!

but they are not wearing as the devil and the angel.

patut ada punishment kat situ mar…

fyi, my winning was judged by them, the 3 judges. Pamela Chong is an Emcee for the party.


it s time to leave the party, the program is already over, the angels and devils masih ramai yang nak huha…but ai need to make my move. it s a very long nite for me oredi. curfew time!


haaala comelnya LG’s angels nih, tenggelam lah ko ngan sayap merah aku tuh


ai nak amik gambar ngan the angels gak


wahboliau sirman!


ai took off the costume kat parking, Menara Hap Seng tu gak. everything except the make up. gegirl dah tidur waktu we picked her up, but abang tekejut badak tengok make up mak nya. on saturday morning, they saw the devil’s photos of her mom, gegirl still tak percaya yang mak nya sanggup pakai gitu.

ai put the devil’s photo on the pc, let her see by herself, tertuduk2 dia nak scroll down to check on all of the photos

gegirl takutlah mummy pakai camni!


n this is real me, no devil’s make up, no devil’s costume

Thank you Nuffnang for inviting me, thanks to LG too for organizing the party. For the next event, as usual ai m coming in red, but not in the costume anymore. ai hope so. For my make up and the red devil’s costume that cost me RM200, ai got an LG LCD TV, so ai decided…

One of the smallest tv in the house is giving away

4 bags of old and new clothes are for charity too.

Now, ai feel good.

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The Make Over of The Red Devil


few days before my trip to Jakarta, Nuffnang invited me for an event, it s called LG Blog Launch Party…ai accepted the invite, but before the phone conversation ends:

kak red, the theme is white angel and red devil, your fav colour!

oh red yer, ai never turn up to your event in full costume, ai will try and see apa ada dalam my closet yeah.

so back from jakarta, during lunch hour, ai went to this costume rental shop, located in Desa Pandan. it was a very quick meeting


apa concept ko nak pakai kak?

red devil

apa adiah kalau menang


ok..ko pakai nih kak, datang sini kita make up kan sekali, aritu ada orang pakai costume nih kat Ipoh, dia menang best dress gak.

sebenarnya apabila saya diusulkan to wear that kind of costume, dengan segala mak nenek sayap, with the wig yang devil lah sangat, ai said ‘emm, this is too much lah’

ko nak menang ke tak nak? alang2 ko nak menang, baik ko pakai nih


then ai agree lorr (hahahaha, very the terpaksa).  for the first time after so many years, aku buang tebiat pakai costume. corporate event yang aku pi pun aku x pakai tau. but since ni thema nya ada MERAH kan, ai wanna join to contribute something.

This shop is located in Desa Pandan, dalam salah satu apartment, kalau you all nak sewa baju kat sini or mintak depa make up kan, contact me for the details. ai can give u the number.

Thanks to Ayu The Sun yang sempat saya culik dia on last Tuesday untuk mencari kedai nih.


after work on Friday, jalan adalah lengang, some companies cuti ari jemaat in lue to Wesak Day. so ai got home on time, mandi and tukar baju. Sirman yang memang ngah cuti kek umah dah siap kau bila aku sampai. He doesnt want to wear the costume thingy, rimas susah dia nak buat kerojer ngamik gambo katanya.

knowing him…tak yah lah aku nak paksa suh dia pakai gini2



kedai ni memang penuh ngan kain baju utk costume2 event gini, so korang, u know where to get lah kan.


wajah lelaki


wajah wanita


in character..lelaki dan wanita dalam satu wajah. unik enggak?


so first thing first, Fiona did the make up for my face.

Ko jadi Red Devil kan kak red? nanti kita buat all the darah2 kat muka ko yer


Fiona, tak yah lah buat darah2 tuh, akak dah lambat lah

alah kalo gitu kita pakaikan akak lipstik merah tebal je lah

itu adalah eyelashes yang saya bawa sendiri, pernah dipakai for one of my events. gila kau eyelashes tu kemain tebal ala2 cleopatra. concept red devil je sesuai for eyelashes tuh


ai m already late, sambil aku bersiap muka by Fiona sambil  tu gak lah Memey and Ika pakaikan baju, saya adalah sangat2 mengejar masa mar….


Ika is the owner of the shop,



the hardest part is to carry the wig. wig tu ringan tp cekak nak mencengkap ke kepala tuh, hui dia punya sakit berat pala aku dibuatnya. tak tau lah bape byk sepit dia cucuk, just nak pastikan wig tu tak tercabut mar…


final touch up by Ika…

you kalau tak nak pakai kat sini pun boleh, you all pakai di rumah, amik je baju bawak balik. aku bwk gak baju aku balik to show to sirman, for his final approval tp pastu aku datang bersiap gak kat sini sebab ada tali2 nya bagai nak kena berikat2 kau…


the baju makes me look fat but masih lagi worth it. ai spent RM200 for the sewaan baju and the make up. For spending RM200 ai went back home with the LG 32” FULL HD LCD TV for the The Most Wicked Devil aka Best Dressed Devil!!!


aku sendiri macam tak percaya aku pakai menatang nih ahhahahhaa

apatah lagi korang.

bapak ramai terkejut to see me during the event.

ai will talk bout the LG Blog Launch Party in my next review.

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Mom’s Day to RM

akhirnya aku abih gak citer all the jakarta and bandung trips. wpun gambar2 unik belum keluar, tp at least the main point sudah selamat aku published lam nih, and sblm korang pi cuti over the weekend..

aku nak rehat.so kalo takdak entry tuh.paham2 je le aku ngah mengqada apa yang patut.waktu tidur aku lari mencicit2 dek buat entry ok.minggu ni je 2 kali aku cuti (bukan EL yer, saya amik cuti applied secara rasmi), kalo ari tak cuti pun aku tidur after 2am. hang pa kira lah, satu entry makan bape kilo panjangnya nak type.

satu hari ada bape entries?leh blogging waktu malam jer pas budak2 dah tidur.so kol bape aku dpt tidur? capek ok!

sapa yang bosan2 tuh pi baca balik entry jakarta /bandung aku yang korang dok baca lelompat yer. giler aku memang sesangat penat.aku dah blocked jadual aku ‘TIDUR’

Weekend kali ni memang aku nak bersantai atas katil,tutup curtain 24jam! N the muka hantu merah di event LG itu adalah the best huhuuu! talk bout it esok lam new entry.

IMG09947IMG09946 IMG09948

they brought me out for dinner on saturday nite, my syarat: jangan jejauh, dekat2 umah je lah, malas nak bersantai. sebab malas nak bersantai, sirman chose Santai Cafe di Tasik Permaisuri. The food was fantastic. Ai didnt eat nasi at all, makan kembung bakar and mushroom soup semata. Sirman n Abang makan selera mat saleh. gegirl makan kerang bakar.

it was a simple dinner but kenyang!!

so recommend you to that place. Santai Cafe, next to Tasik Permaisuri, near by VA gak.

IMG09949 IMG09950 IMG09951 IMG09952

2 cards from my son and my daughter. ai know the 3 dok buat something kat bilik abang sesenyap, siap lock the room yer. being a mom, ai know they are doing some secrets project lah konon. n each one of them gave me the the mom’s day card for the celebration of Mom’s Day.

This is called a Mother’s Day but mak korang jadi mak ari2 mar…

Ai have bought some presents and cards for my mom and my mom’s in law too from Jakarta and Bandung – to both Maks, Selamat Hari Ibu, menjaga kami RM and Sirman sedari dalam kandungan sampai kami sendiri jadik makpak.


ai present you my photo selepas hampir seminggu penuh dengan cerita Jakarta/Bandung. n previous entry wajah seram berantu merah devilku for the LG’s event yang saya menangi :) . Tak sia-sia aku dress up huhuuuuuu!

Ai will update my blog as usual, just that cuti weekend nih aku sangat2 mengqada rehat and tidur yang terhutang….

Happy Mother’s Day to ibu2 yang membaca RM and to your mom too.

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Redmummy won the LG 32” FULL HD LCD TV




Redmummy won the LG 32” FULL HD LCD TV for the The Most Wicked Devil aka Best Dressed Devil!!!

For me, that s one of the best Mother’s Day Gift :)

Details to blog and come out later…

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