Mak Yah Mak Bedah?


aku tak bley tahanlah tengok gambar ni

gila kentang ala mak mengamuk suh anak naik dari sungai, bape lama ko nak berendam aqil aqil ke yang berendam tak hengat tuh?

that s kak mar @ moralle….!

eh halal ek, kak mar (told ya ai lap you more today), nadh…halal aaaa…

PARM katanya kan..halal lah kot :)

nanti memalam – aku curik2 jalan visit blog korang plak..kidnap and tempek kat sini hiksss…

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Nuffnang Music Bash 09























no caption :)

activity entry arini – bisu.

Nuffnang Music Bash 09 was brought by Nuffnang & Maxis Broadband. the venue was at Maison Club, KL.

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Email pun jadi issue meh?

Salam kak red

kenapa aritu saya email kak red,tp sirman yang jawabkan email tuh?semalam pun saya hantar lagi email, pun sirman yang jawabkan.kenapa kak red tak menjawab email yang saya hantar for you.


Salam Laila….

sebab kenapa email kamu dijawab oleh sirman:

1. kamu bertanya tentang advertorial in RM, sudah diulang tayang cakap banyak kali, anything related to advertorial process, ict bersama sirman, currency excel, something yang sirman kena jawab, mestilah dia yang handle. bukan saya.

camni ye, RM ni memang lah talking bout redmummy herself, but it s a teamwork, with sirman. he is the manager of RM. he manages my blog, he manages the nuffnang, he manages the advertorial that i m supposed to take or reject, he is the one behind the successful of RM.

tapi tolong kuor bersuara sikit sapa yang anto email tp tipulah kalau x penah dpt answer from me, from redmummy sendiri. mostly sume yang anto tuh dpt kan? kan kan? ai mean ko tanya pasal pak sulis aku yg jawab email ko tuh, ko tanya pasal nak makan kat santini pun akak yang jawab, ko tanya pasal nak emm, abang gegirl pun akak yang jawab kan kan kan?

ha…tak semua emails sirman handle, yang tertentu sahaja. for advertorial plak, after korang dah final stage discussion ngan sirman, baru aku on the board. kalau baru nak bincang camne gi mana hallu hai, tu sirman nya stage.

atau ngan kata lain dia gini, sirman is the manager, RM is the product/artist. so dia buat mana yang dia rasa dia kena handle, pastuh baru dia taram campak kat aku. gitu….

2% lam entry RM, sirman yang buat, the rest atas bahu aku yang memikul yooo.

so adakah saya menjawab soalan anda…

halohai, jawab emails pun boleh jadi issue gak…

kotlah ada yang tak tau kan…

Sirman is the manager of RM, sirman is the daddy to abang and gegirl, sirman is the husband to the owner of this red blog. sirman is my superman….ahahahhahah

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Selayang Pandang…



IMG08585 B

IMG08532 C




ni kalo gambo2 camni kuor kan

satu je sebabnya

aku ngah symptom panjat katil ngulit bebudak nih

bukan sebab aku tak tau nak letak entry apa

tp aku reserve kan entry2 tu for siang hari jer mostly

coz readers ramainya waktu siang, memalam nih readers yang suka ‘dok dendiam perati pandang’

ha gitu….

apa citer guest writers ek, sume dah tak nak anto cerita ek? ai mean those yang jarang and tak penah anto cerita lah kat sini, yang dah sokmo anto tuh, aku kasi korang cuti rehat jap.

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Homeschool “Chatter” Moment With MamaFiza

korang jangan sesedih lah kay cam aku, skang abang pun cam dah ok, mehlah kita buat keje blog balik. aku patut letak entry ni senin/selasa tp tu lah, kita tak tau apa yang Allah tetapkan kalo tak jadi,tak terjadilah ia. pada organizer and teman2 yang hadir for this event last sunday, mohon maaf coz saya lambat keluarkan ini entry.


huh ari ahad nya citer, ari sabtu punya entry pun lom kuor lagik nih. so ai got an invite from Mamafiza to cover her event, the Homeschool “Chatter” Moment With Mamafiza. Lokasi di Putrajaya Marriot Hotel.

lebih kurang 20 orang peserta menghadiri seminar pendek yang dijayakan oleh mamafiza. a bit  info on homeschool lah yer, aku brief sket. korang penah dengo Homeschool (HS)? yeap…bersekolah dari rumah. mamafiza yang kini berumur 24 tahun started her first decision to provide HS to her children sejak umurnya 19 taun. so both of them, mamafiza and her husband sit down and agreed that they are going to do the HS teaching for their kids until the ages of 17.

korang leh buat?

yes, some ppl they dont..some can do.

ai cant, honestly.

ai cant teach, ai cant be a good teacher (not mentioning about Cikgu Max kay :) )….


Basic steps on how to get started on Home Schooling:

  1. First, the big decision. Read and find out as much as possible. Understand it and be prepared to commit to the practice.
  2. There are concerns about home schooling and it legality in your country.
  3. Get in touch with a support group in your area who can help you with certain aspects of home schooling, i.e. choosing curriculum, record keeping, activities for the students. Even if you aren’t going to join a support group, it might be helpful to contact one in your area and see what they have to say.
  4. Choose and purchase your curriculum. What curriculum do I use? This is the hardest part. You can spend a fortune or get by on just a little. You can purchase complete curriculum from a publisher or mix and match. You can buy your books new or used.
  5. Set up a record keeping system. Your record keeping can be as simple as the journal or as complicated as setting up daily and weekly goals



so the program that we attended, to learn on camne nak apply and to process the HS at home. selain being parents, you also jadi teacher to the kids. dengan kata lain, the kids will be with you 24 hours mar….camne ngan socializing the kids etcs.

mental fizikal kena kuat, kena rajin. rajin ke aku nak kemas umah main segala menda art boxing maths macam2 with my kids? rajin ke aku nak buat revision carik kat web on the module wpun ada depan mata,tp tu lah rajin ke aku? kerana itulah saya perlu tahu banyak on the HS.saya sangat tabik spring toing2 sama kamu yang buat HS dengan family kamu lah.

Why Homeschooling?

There are many reasons parents may choose to homeschool: religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs, crowded school classrooms, school violence, worries about attitude-based learning, worries about strong peer influences, family solidarity, more time spent with better quality curriculum, character development, small group/ focused teaching, strong family values, and because of strong attachments within the family. –


my 2 cents comment….

if ai were to choose the HS, that s because ai want to avoid my kids from seeing the so one kind ‘Cikgu Max’. tapi tu kalo aku kenal HS after Cikgu Max yang termaksima rajin merotan kan. just that, saya masih tidak betah memilih the HS. korang kalo nak choose HS, bolehlah belajar and get some helps and tips from Mamafiza. She s an expert on HS.

but think outside of the box, the HS is not only meant for those parents yang work from home. it s also meant for us yang working, yang ada full time career. you still can apply the HS to your kids, after work, during weekend.

My husband and I want them to enjoy home school life together with us. We believe that LOVE and CARES will lead to superb child growth.

Sayonara a waste of time exam, worthless dateline, futile grades. – Mamafiza

yes gang RM, in HS, you dont have to sit any exam, x yah pmr, x yah upsr, x yah spm….what they need is only SAT that covers 5 main subjects. ngan SAT, your kids can go to any universities lam dunia, not spm yang jadi priority.


Everyday since their age is 1 day old, I love to read, tell stories, sing song, do talking, make jokes, learning science, making art project, cooking and do many things with them.

My husband and I choose English languages as our first language at home.

In free time, I teach them simple word using French, Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese, Malay and Arabic languages for entertaining. Most of my time is dedicated to their growth and happy life.

My job as web designer is based at home office, which make me easy to spend all of my daytime with them. I only do my web designing work after their sleep at night. – Mama Fiza

tu diah! dia ngajar segala bahasa lam dunia kat anak2nya in HS. aku? nak ngajar bahasa apa? mandarin pun aku tak paham, bebudak pun belajar sendiri kat NK jer…


during the break, we chit chat borak sana sini, adalah yang bawak baby can do the breastfeeding….


mama fatin


mama Siti


mama ida


Mama Suhaini


mama Irma


Mama Rasheedah


Mama Kay


Mama Nur


Mama Haridah


Mama Reeny (aisay gambo nya very the shy shy lah)


Mama Norashikin


Mama Haniz


Mama Amilita


Mama Islah


Mama Nasibah


Mama Huda


Mama Fathin


Mama Farah


we also have Mama Farah from talking bout the breastfeeding. those yang minat ngan online baby butik, boleh visit her web blog, she has an actual kedai too kat shah alam, ye kan farah? ahkak lupaa, tak sempat nak interview si manis nih.


buku yang direcommend oleh mamafiza untuk kamu dapatkan di pasaran, saya masih belum kesempatan untuk ke kino to buy the book, ai hope one day one time aku leh dpt copy. the price lam RM32 gitu. once saya sudah dpt copynya nanti aku buat review ye.


Mamafiza is 24 years old, with 4 kids. tak caya? hemm….trust me. aku sendiri nak terperanjat dengo. the husband is same age with her, depa 2 working from home, web designer, the kids are: along age 5 years old a boy, the 3 girls age 5, 3 and another baby is turning 1 year this year.

their life,they do it everything together. masak sesama, belajar sesama, solat sesama,semuanya sesama. so menjawab soalan jugak kenapa mereka sangat kukuh dan kuat, kerana itulah mamafiza menerapkan HS in her family. wpun yes ada bantahan dari family and frens, but they just dont care. it s your own life your own child and your own family.

you set the rule

not outsiders.


Petikan from the interview session:

Utk detail ttg permulaan FAQ Homeschool, Miss boleh sertakan link ini dan ini pula adalah jawapan mengapa saya ambil keputusan untuk Homeschool, ini kenyataan untuk jawapan sokongan seterusnya.

Link di sini adalah details tentang Hmeschool yg sy jalankan sejak bulan lepas dan Insya-Allah berterusan selama 18 bulan (krn mempunyai 18 modules), sesuai utk parent yg ingin mulakan homeschool sbg lifestyle walaupun mrk menghantar anak2 ke nursery/kindergarden/goverment school/private school. Tujuan module ini adalah utk menyemai “love from home”.

Ini adalah link untuk rujukan aktiviti module yg telah diadakan pd 22nd March 2009 di SaraKids, Shah Alam. Module 2 akan diadakan pd 19th March 2009 ini di SaraKids, S.Alam dan Module 1 akan bermula di SusuIbu, Seksyen 9, Bandar Baru Bangi pd 3rd May 2009, event masih dibuka untuk pendaftaran :) Kpd parent yg terlepas, akan diadakan repeat session utk gantian. Sebarang pertanyaan @ booking utk di SaraKids perlu hantar email ke dan utk di SusuIbu, Bangi : (harga berbeza).

Please do let me know my lady if you need any additional information plus any help regarding this matter. Uh oh, gambatte ne.


Utk pembaca Miss RedMummy, boleh dptkan 5% discount utk event di SusuIbu, Bangi >_<

Ini adalah penaja utk event talk sy, iaitu iaitu range make-up dari minerals products yg sgt sesuai utk ibu2 yg ingin create healthy images for their beauty looks :) Sy nyatakannya dalam post ini.


it was 2pm, lunch time….cakap terus terang, kami adalah sangat ribut di hari ahad arituh. sepatutnya aku leh cover the event until like 10-11am, coz we have to attend to our kids program but sebab seronok sangat dengo kisah HS from Mamafiza and celoteh breastfeeding by MamaFara, langsung sampai ke petang….


some tips for you yang saya korek wpun ada banyak sangat nak tulih but ai bagi bit by bit lah yer.

1. always give your kids 28 days for any changes yang u expect them to do. say korang nak suh dia letak kain baju lam bakul baju kat dapur kan, bagi dia 28 ari lah to keep on improving,memang la memula tuh macam ari2 nak remind dia to do it kan, but  pas kena pasak ari2, mesti depa ingat. ai did that to my kids, anto kain baju ke kain bakul baju di dapur.

2. kan anak2 korang kalo tidur kadang dia nye rahang gigi tu cam berkeruk kerak bunyikkan? ha was told that dalam science research, anak kita sebenarnya ngah stress, macam dalam keadaan bengang waktu siang nya,tu yang dia tension sampai tidur pun gigi berkeruk kerak (oh abangggg )

3. masak with 6 colours,at least on the table tu lah 4-6 colours lam masakan kita tuh. ada carrot,brocoli, apa lagik,masak pindang pun sodap. buatlah goreng2, ha anything but the number of colours tu penting for the kids to seronok makan and have a healthy food.

4. talk to your kids even they are still babies, talk talk talk segala macam benda anak2 korang tuh, pasal ekonomi negara pun ko cakap jer bagi dia sonok dengo mak dia cakap. malas nak bercakap ko bacakan je apa yang ko ngah baca lam RM, so dia pun dengo sama lah yang maknya ngah baca blog orang.

5. for daddies and mummies, always compliment your spouse, bagilah sket adiah surprising them kan. takkan kalo aku tak turun 3 kilog sirman tak nak bagi the bling bling diamond kan kan kan??

so aku bagi 5 je lah yer, x leh lah reveal the secret of HS ni banyak sesangat, you gotta approach mamafiza for the details  of HS, nak dptkan module of HS pun insyallah she can help you. Those yang nak support, in terms of financial or promotion on HS,please do so, if everyone do our part, mbe we can make the other party happy, specially the little kids yang attending the HS.

To mamafiza, thanks for giving RM and Sirman the opportunity to cover and get us involve in your HS’s community. semoga HS program conducted by Mamafiza berpanjangan, insyallah.  Saya menyokong HS, but to fully participate, nope ai cant do, setakat do it over the weekend or during my nite lift with the family tu bolehlah kot.

apa2 event akan datang dalam HS, pls click the right banner lam, in the column HS chatter (currently blom update coz tunggu mamafiza anto the new banner).

Happy Homeschooling.

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