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this is what some of you  sent to me, aku dpt captured 2,3 print screen jer. Sebelum kuor HMetro, purata yang biasa2 kita nampak lam 60 – 70, memang pernah mencecah ke seratus lebih but bcoz the hot topic in HM, abih aku kena attack.

The 210 readers online tuh rasanya lam kul 4 lebih petang Selasa 13th lepas, mbe ada lagik but aku x dapat, if ada yang leh beat the 210 nya capture, email it to me, i ll give u an ole ole 🙂

From the 2 trackers that we have, 12thousands unique visitors came and visit RM only on Tuesday 13th but the figures are expected to be sustained and maintained at least for 70% of it.  Maintain 10k unique visitors per day pun dah ok.

Remember, this is not an entertainment and political blog, RM is a personal blog, so to get 4k unique visitors per day is quite good already, that s my basic  and standard unique hits, but gaining more than 10ribu unik visitors dalam satu hari, adalah rezeki berganda.

Thanks to all of you for visiting RM and Insyallah I will keep on maintaining the numbers with all your supports!

Anything, boleh email to Contact Red .

**teringat taun 2005/6, nampak ada 5,6 orang red divas ngah online pun aku nya sengih gilerrrrrrrrr hehehehehhe

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Republish of Blogging Tips n The Top Secret…


hey hey…i received too many emails asking for the blogging tips, specially sebab citer RM kuor di Harian Metro (thanks Siti, ai lap lap lah). But due to overwhelming hits from the story in HM, nak pecah aku nya inbox, too many emailssssssssssssssssssssss, serious dude banyak gilerrrrrrrrrr korang nak kan blogging tips.

ok camnih

sementara saya belum rajin nak menceceh dalam blogging tips yang terbaru, why not korang baca dulu blogging tips or story bout RM yang lama nih, wpun kisah Rahsia RM tu dah setaun yang lalu, but masih bolehlah dipakai. aku x laratlah nak buat satu lagi entry yang sama, yang updatenya pun only on the figures not the tips. But tips yang saya bagi dalam HMetro memang uptodate cuma korang tak yah lah ikut tips buat entry sampai 10 tuh, pening korang kang.

FYI, photos were taken like a month ago, i refused the photographer to come to my house, so i got my helper to snap the photos for us, without Sirman (tak yah tayang laki gitu ahhahahha). ada jugak aku bagi gambo ngan Sirman, but reporter tak pakai, eloklah pung, kang lagi kecoh …hahahah aku kedekut laki!


Just that ada correction nak buat from the write up:

1. saya bukan pemenang untuk Top Parenting di Singapore, but yes I was the finalist.

2. Janaan RM10k per month bukan setiap bulan, kadang2 bulan ni lebat kadang2 bulan tu tak berapa lebat. Max i got is  more RM10k yes it s true.

3. Income doesnt come from Nuffnang only but also from the personal advertisers yang come straight forward to us.  Yes i m contracted with Nuffnang but for some reasons saya juga boleh ambil certain product as a promo/iklan in RM.

4. Tak ada lagi versi 8 -10 entries per day yer, tak mampu dah mata dan plotak menahan. skang max pun 5 entries jer, paling koman 3 tu kira kawtim adalah. but weekend mmg lam 1-2 entries per day jer. wkends orang ramai rehat. Versi 10 entries per day tu dah lama aku pencen sejak 2 yrs ago rasanya. so long ody.

5. RM’s potluck with readers was held on 2008 not last year.

6. Tips dari number 6 (from HMetro) sepatutnya applicable to those yang suka buat entries banyak, yang satu entry per day pun x per. x semua orang boleh jadi macam RM. aku giler menulis 🙂 tak sangka lak reporter pi letak. adoii.

7. RM’s readers blom 4 juta, baru 3 juta lebih jer, and Sirman’s age is 37 this year, motip laki aku umur muda 2 taun jadi sebaya aku plakk

8. RM ujud dalam blogging sejak 2005 ye bukan 2008, tapi dari blogspot berpindah ke domain sendiri adalah pada tahun 2008.


Jadi mewah tulis blog

N of cos memang RM is one of the best blogs for you to park your advertising/product/services, do Contact Red if berminat untuk mendapatkan parking advertisement di RM. Our team in RM (either RM or Sirman) will get back to you. We usually reply your email within 24hours jugak. Ahah new readers in RM, get to know RM via this entry – Teori Tab di RM, ni baru buat last week so you can understand on the Tab lam RM nih.

Thanks all for the congratulations wishes, wpun ini bukan pertama kali RM dijaja dalam media but kena gak buat entry nih coz ada fakta yang tersilap gitu. sket je lah, tak lari dari tulisan asal reporter. so if anything, pls Contact Red kay.

The 2 fav links for new readers to read:

My twitter is – ini live aku jawab terus 🙂

FYI, my income is from the ads in side bar, top, bottom bar, and of cos the dedicated advertorials (ni payment mmg huge) no such click click tu yang oi….pernah korang tengok aku suh korang click? where got such thing…halahaii.

Jadi mewah tulis blog

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Teori Tab di RM…

mailah sat heh kita buat kelas teori di RM semula…

it s so funny when almost everyday aku letak Contact Red pun orang tak tau lagi nak email aku camner. i do have email add but i hv to put it in the Contact Red version to avoid the spamming. gitu…


Home – meant bila ko click tuh it goes to my main page of RM

About Red – is briefly telling you bout the owner of this blog, RM stands for Redmummy , known also as Red Diva or Kak Red. but story lam About Red tuh dah kira 3,4 taun gak yet. bolehlah pakai lagik tuh. katanya pun brief kan.

Contact Red – is how u contact me privately and i will reply to your email, that is when ko akan tau apa email add aku. FYI, it s either me or Sirman aka RedDaddy (RD) to reply to your email, depending on the subject matters lah. not all emails related to me, kalo ICT bersama Sirman tu sah2 dia yg jwb, sokmo gak package advertisement di RM pun dia gak yg jawab, kalo nak bersayang2 bergossip cara berhemah dengan RM, si merah tu lah yg jwb sendiri. anything u want to email, do use this Contact Red.

Red On Media – sepanjang hidup kisah aku keluar kat tv, surat kabo, media local or international, sumer lam nih, apa yang kita boleh save in online version. it s all in this page. but ada jugak tak update, coz we couldnt find the link something like that. kadang2 aku pun lupa nak remind sirman to add in, for this page is jaga’ing by Sirman, not me.

Red Index – macam dalam buku belakang, ada index, or ngan kata lain ala2 labelling. also can be found dalam page RM kat belah right side bar…so  u click the words yang kuor akan kuorlah nanti entry2 bertubi2 bout what are you looking for. let say carik citer Bangkok, ha nanti kuorlah all my trips on Bangkok, or carik Marie France Bodyline or carik kisah Abang mahupun Gegirl. ko carik Nuffnang nya label, bersilaulah mata ko nak membaca. a lottttttt! sama gak label Ads, meant advertorials yang aku buat, ha tu kompem beratus!

Shop@RM – basically is my shopping site. i sell things but not in major manner, sesuka jer. usually for my frens yang nak park barang depa, my closed frens only, so aku jual lam tuh, and all my preloved items gak. kalau dah sold tu aku cabutkanlah from that site, but kalau mbe korang dok carik2 lagi barang, ha poi lah situ. make up ado, cermin ado, LV from TLC pun ado. eh make up pun tinggal hok PAC pigments jer…lain licin boliau! The latest items are my designer handbags, i dont show2 apa aku beli tapi tup tetiba je nak jual…ha yes pi carik kat Shop@RM tu lah yek.

GBM – is stands for Gang Blog Merah, controlled by Sirman and the GBM girls to be exact ayu the sun and Rose. so korang leh letak promo iklan korang kat situ but the site will link back to RM main page nih gak over right side bar. the purpose is to help those yang nak buat iklan but u dont have the budget in RM, so kat situ memang free parking, can advertise anything…i dont look after the GBM due to my bzzzzzzzzzgilos. So if u are first timer lam tuh, comment korang will be moderated by them utk pertama kali jer pastuh nanti korang promote2 lagi mestilah kuor the promo lam nih. so it s helping your site lah. okkk ?takbolehlah sumer nak promo lam RM coz i have to jaga my exclusivity wt Nuffnang gak coz i m contracted wt them. so i help u guys by GBM.

Ask Red – u tepek apa saja soalan di situ insyallah aku akan jawab, koman2 lambat pun 2,3 hari gitulah. so far dah beratus soalan yang readers bagi and aku jawab kat situ gak. kalau korang pi tanya kak red bulan ni income blogging ko berapa. ha tu memang aku takkan jawablah yek coz i m very secretive bout that. if i wanna tell u i will openly show in RM but never no nono…so far aku sokmo protectedkan entry tuh. so anything u nak tau, u can shout kat Ask Red and she the one and only RM will answer your question. semua soalan RM sendiri yang jawab, not Sirman mahupun the GBM.


my problem is i cannot answer your comments in FB and RM directly, but i can answer your tweet immediately. specially comments di RM kalau aku berada di lokasi depan computer mbe aku leh jwb live but kalo aku bergerak and on mobile, aku mmg susah nak jwb and terus lupa…sbb moderation terus auto approve your comment. so that s my bad. lagipun dulu aku cuba gigih nak jawab setiap satu komen but sangat susah…i hv problem in timing.

yes untuk juta kali cakap i m bzzzz sangat, dok depan computer only for updating my blog, dah amik berejam2 tak campur buat assignments sana sini lagik. so it s quite hard, i tried before but sudahnya kol 2,3 pagi pun aku x gak dpt tidur. so sorry bout it but that doesnt mean aku ignore korang, i respect all of you, aku appreicate korang nya comments tu but tu lah, i cant do the reply all at one time.

tapi kalo tweet memang aku leh jawab sepontan ehhehehe so add me at @redmummydotcom

so camne sumer, kelas teori tab nih sumer dah paham kan? to those my loyal readers korang memanglah dah expert but macam kes si Katak and entah berapa ramai lagi, depa nak tau sapa mak merah, so let s start to study from the About Red or maybe Ask Red.

Next questions ado?

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RM – 3 million readers!


in any minutes RM will be having its 3 million readersssssssss!!! yoyoooo apa lagik print screen and email it to me. before u attach the print screen u need to email me kat Contact Red, wait for my reply then baru ko leh attach the print screen. My blog has given me lots of ‘figures’, it will touch almost RM100k whooooooooooooo and for that, as usual, for every millions memang ada hadiah to those yang dapat capture yeyyyyyy!

nasib baik kusedari, ada 3,4 orang readers dok shout2 bilang yang i m going to get 3m, so hapa lagik gang2 merah, mai sama2 tengok sapa yang akan dapat my not so red present!

Contact Red kay!

and ahgood ahluck 🙂


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The future of RM…


aku force myself buat entry untuk hari ni yer

coz aku adalah mood bercuti, wpun cuti aku pun lambat lagi. tapi im so looking forward ngan cuti yang panjang, setiap hujung tahun aku mesti amik cuti panjang, itu adalah resmi sesangat.

i found these photos while browsing my draft dashboard, apa yang boleh kujadikan entry, so ok, kisah Red Family yang hidup penuh dengan technology. From Dell, Lenovo and HP, itu sume laptops, tak termasuk PC jenis Dell yang saya gunakan khas utk blogging.


anak2 memang diasuh dengan teknologi internet, setakat google tu abang and gegirl dah tau pi sendiri, and type sendiri apa yang depa nak carik. usually carik games lah.

kalau abang tu games ben 10, games mr bean, games robot, games games games aje yang dia googlekan. nak2 ngah cuti sekolah ni kan, memang sangat melekat sesangat. Gegirl pulak ngan Dora jer lah keje nya. satu game tu je yang dia minatkan, or sbb dia x explore games lain so she prefers to stick ngan game tu ajer.

Talking bout internet, tak leh lari ngan blogging.

i donno how long aku leh berblog, katalah panjang umur kan. so sampai bila korang nak baca blog aku, umur aku dah 40, 45 or 50. masih ada lagi ke membaca? masih mampukah aku tegar menaip?

Sirman once berkata ‘takde sapa dah nak baca blog awak tu kalo umur dah lanjut’

hemm….jadi lagenda juga akhirnya RM ni satu ketika. dan ketika itu nanti sampainya aku harap bukanlah sekarang, aku masih lagi mahu membina nama dan RM ni ke puncak tinggi. apa aku nak buat ek nanti sok sok, keje nak berenti, blogging pun orang dah tak pandang dah, ntah2 lagi 10-20 taun anak2 aku yang kecil2 ini pulak lebih berkuasa, mendapat tempias nama ibunya RM.


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