Saddy faces…




my frens said that lately my eye bag can be seen, so aku x nak lah letak gambar aku wthout s/glasses. entry ni dan entry ini were posted from here, bila pakai berry, font is automatically in the stupid grey, bukan akak saje nak letak kaler kelabu taik anjing tu, bila dah ke pc baru leh re adjust back to white colour. sorry mar…


n dua tiga ari muka toya aku mmg exactly cam roti bakar ni gak lah….tapi wpun roti bakar ni wajahnya x cun, tapi rasanya sangat lazat.

y oh y…




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Meeting over lunch…


i m trying to get out from the mandom zone that i m currently facing right now..i m still in pain, but somehow i see that this blog really reflects the owner. life has to move on, with or without the nasi yang x sedap kat atas ni…but syukurlah kan dah ada org belanja, dipaksanya aku makan coz this is lunch over meeting. i tried to skip after having our long meeting, tapi kena gak ikut pi lunch for overdue discussions.


the ppl keep on talking and talking and aku cam dah kedaung jer…rupanya there s a reason the big boss tarik aku lunch ni, he told me something that i dont like to hear, and yg benornya i ve been hearing the rumours bout it since weeks ago. n gitulah kan, i m not happy wt the situation sejak sekian lama, arini they make it unofficial.

i left menara’s office wt tears and my red heart is so broken.

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Let me brief a bit bout the ppl arnd me in this coffeehse:

Next to me they r 3 chinese ladies, rupa gaya like hsewives. They are lepaking here just to hv frens toktok while waiting to pick up their kids at school ptg nnt…

Depan aku lak a mother yg dah 50s wt her daughter early 30s and another 2 teenage girls, anak si 30s tu gamaknya.

Sblh meja satu lf ni 2 young girls mbe off duty or ngah belajor lagi kat U kot. Depa 2 ni dr td dok usha aku coz minat kat all red items yg aku dok pgg or mbe dema dok pelik org gila merah ni xde keje ke mata dok staring kat depa…

Oh the 2 young girls just left…

And young boy wearing orange shirt just came and passed me bunch of cash…itu adik aku lah, I asked him to pass me some money coz I dnt carry enaf duit right now to pay for smthing shortly..

N now I’m getting sleepyyyy…

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I promise to tell u a story..donno when but right now I’m posting this entry from smwhre, got time off to rush smthing.

Apa aku nak ckp ye, I just heard another bad news n another yg buat aku mandom n termenung.

I’m in the oldtown coffeehse dah 10 min duduk tp x de waiter pun nak serve aku. Nak panggil pun mls…ada air aku minum, x de air aku dok jelah kat sini.

Kat sini ada wifi but I don’t carry my laptop plak, pakai berry pun jadiklah janji I can express things out though not much.

I will write again pasal I ve to wait like 2 hrs till my things got done.

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