2014 in memory…

To flashback….


- Abang was in Form 1 already and Kakak in Year 4. RB pulak dah 2 years++

- Red Family bercuti-cuti ke Korea.  Sejuknya ya amatttttt It was quite an issue for Msian students in Korea coz i wasnt happy with the service given by 2 of them (tourist guides). It s not all pun, satu kepala ngan kaki sorangnya yang bad service.  Of cos, bad things bila keluar social media, kejap je jadi viral among them.  Relaxlah adik2, chill. 2 kawan korang je yang buat hal, depa pun dah abis belajar, ada nun keje kat Msia ni gak.

- Our 13th Anniversary, I dapat TOD’s handbag from RD, unfor aku lupa apa aku bagi kat laki aku kahkahkah. Damn, it s not even a year yet.

EDITED: Hey, i got him an Iphone 5S! ye ye betul.  aku belikan a few months before the date.

- Kids extra classes macam biasa ler, mengaji class (i memang dah bertahun engage a private ustaz datang our house for them), private tutor for mandarin sessions (specially for Kakak since abang has gone to secondary school).  Kumon and also badminton sessions.

- Blog Ads/Events – Jacob’s, Maybank, Maxis


- Red Family bercuti-cuti ke Legoland. Stay in Legoland Hotel and melenjan di Legoland Waterpark & Theme park. And of cos sempat singgah ke Hello Kitty Town, Lat’s Place, Little Big Club dan  JPO.   All these sponsored by Legoland.

- RM was featured in Majalah Nona

- RM & RD berhoneymoon di Singapore, not really. It was part of my blogging job, i had to be in Singapore for Shopping! Visa sent me to Singapore to shop till drop. Kau ado?

- I got my first Hermes bag but not ler the Kelly Birkin bagai tuh, it s Evelyne, in blue. Pun bought kat Singapore, Changi Airport. Kan VISA suruh shopping kan? hah kau.

- Menang chess lagi. My 8th year Woman Chess Champion.

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- Tragedi MH370 #prayformh370 . Where are they now? No answer yet, it s almost a year :(

- Red Family was featured in Nona TV3 .  My sajak on #prayformy370 pun dikeluarkan juga dalam Nona TV3. The shooting was done a few weeks before, shot kat GE Mall.

- The chronology of Hanez Suraya, Romie and Liyana Manan was out in my blog (i wrote it coz i cant accept the husband dok ‘mental abuse the wife and back up the gf and nak bring down the wife, sort of) and suddenly it went viral everywhere but a month later she (HS) asked me to put down the post. LOL.  Oh she s gonna be engaged this week, i heard?

- Blog Ads/Events – PopLook, Colgate, Sepetang Bersama Blogger 2014  anjuran Denaihati, RM was one of the invited speakers. I m so looking forward for this year’s event dear Denaihati.


- Red Family short trip ke Melaka

- RM terbang ke Jakarta, shopping ler apa lagi. No lah, ni pun blogging job, sent by ASUS.

- Blog Ads/Events – Colgate, Mercedes-Benz CL, Milo, Clinique, ASUS, Uniqlo, Sanofi Lactacyd, HCG Mediviron-UOA


- RM becomes Mak Tunggul again coz RD kena lagi outstation to  Hungary & Germany. Sambil-sambil tu during weekends dia merayap ke Austria & Slovakia.

- Yey we got the key for our new 3rd house -  TM’s home. Alhamdulillah.

- RM terbang je Jepun, this is not a sponsored trip, this is a collaboration between RM and Japan Budget Trip.So, no free trips dude!

- I got my last final bag of the year, Chanel Medium Classic in Lambskin. Kuning meletup. Final bag pasal lepas tu dah tak boleh nak beli bags coz the funds all goes to our TM’s home.   Oh husband bought my bag from Munich, Germany when he was working there on this particular month.

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- Attended KLFW 2014

- I started the HCG Treatment via Mediviron-UOA on March 2014 and in 28days i lost 12kgs! In my social medias platform, i posted on the foods yang i sendiri masak for healthy diet. 48kgs was the last number, though i hope to reach 45kgs. Dik, akak dulu masa anak dara 38kg je dik oi.  Biasa ler bila dah 48 nak 45 pastu nak 43 pastu kering longlai hahahaha. Sokay, 50kg pun dah just nice pun, even 52 as long tak boleh more than that, tu tahap bahaya for my body. Tengok gambar sebelum amik HCG, i was 60kg kau! that was like after 2 years having Zeeshan.

- Ramadhan, went to selected numbers of places for buka puasa and events of cos.

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- Tragedi MH17 #prayformh17

- Happy birthday to me, the end of 3 series.  Oh I dapat rantai emas HABIB from suami. Pastu punya dia hantar surprise balon ke rumah, so mahal punya service pulak tu. Tolong jangan buang duit hantar balon2 camtu lagi ye suami, let s simpan duit for something else.

- Mak Ajah buat umrah lagi.

- Salam Syawal.  For the first time gak, suami kena kerja on the first 2 days of Syawal. Previous year lagi ler, lepas bape hari raya jer dah terus kena terbang to Europe.

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- Jalan-jalan raya, macam biasa raya ke Melaka

- Major renovation for our new house. I never mention this in my posts or any social medias at all. It s not reno, we actually re-building a house. Pecah roof, cabut tiles, pecah everything inside, redesign everything, This project takes 5 months. As of this entry is up, the house is almost siap. Teaser sikit :)


as you can see, the bersepahnya lagi barang contractors coz memang belum siap pun lagi 100% rumah ni punya final touch up. We had our impromptu birthday event for Zeeshan here since the house dah fully painted. Amacam behind the scene, bersepah belakang kira ler. One of the main feature walls, the colours is called Sashay Red and the design/paints of the house, actually an ID of the house, is 90% by yours truly, lebih tu by laki aku. but decision final making kena consulted by laki aku gak lah, mutual agreement.

- 11th August 2014, i got a little bit of hidayah. Though i m still not wearing tudung yet but something happens for a reason. Thanks Allah for the reminder.

- Me and husband started back our kelas mengaji, a private tutor (ustaz) datang our house for the classes lah but tu lah sokmo je takde kelas dah lately ni pasal weekdays memang tak boleh (husband aku bukan ikut kerja local time, ikut Germany hours, balik kol 1 pagi), wkend je bila kita ada slot, if also ustaz ada slot too.

- Decided to shut down the blog, no exact date yet but when the right time comes, it will happen.

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-  Kakak’s birthday – also known as Gegirl years ago, but bila hadhir adiknya, automatically jadi Kakak. She turns 10.  She decided to fully hijab. Alhamdulillah.

- Red Family cuti-cuti naik Genting, also part of my blogging job gak.

- Ke Penang for my bro’s wedding. Definitely for my family’s affairlah, bukan part of the blogjob. But of cos lah ada jalan ronda Penang too.

- My brother’s wedding for our side, but i never blog about this yet. Thanks to the bloggers and guests came but one thing for sure i dok ingat sangat, the caterer suck big time. A big no no no la, mouth spreaded, hopefully penipu ni lingkup.

- Blog Ads/Events – Resorts World Genting, Hermo


- The head telur of this kelabhashtag dok kacau aku (he s been blogging/tweeting/fb’ing about me since many years ago, but he repeatedly again this year). I never lawan this kepala telur, lawan means i never layan his ‘cheap attitude to gain votes’ macam mintak gang kelabhashtag dia join him to basuh me. Never. But on this date, i fought back for the first time. I cuma tak blog jer bout this thing (except now). I instagrammed, I FB’ed and semuanya I tagged him directly. Please dude @ telur, the head of kelabhashtag, leave me alone atau aku balas balik the ‘reflections’. I donno you, fullstop, so please cari mangsa lain.  Aku dah tua sangat nak melayan hal macam ni.

- RM ke Cambodia sempena Raya Haji, together with my Abah and Adik Bongsu. We did charity there, also dapat la jugak melawat tempat2 bersejarah and little bit of shopping there. Hilang jap stress kerja di KL. dapat jalan 5 hari je pun.

- Happy Birthday to Abang and RD, they both turns 13 and 41.

- Samsung video shoot at Westin Hotel.

- Red Family short trip kat Sungai Kuali Camp Site

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- Had minor car accident

- Blogging job in Sabah for Coke.

- Hosted surprise baby shower for my buddy, Liza.

- Blog Ads/Events – Transitions® Signature™ Lens, Samsung KidsTime, Mediviron-UOA


Farm in the city, Aquaria KLCC, FRIM, IOI, for the kids. I cancelled our HK Disney trip coz we need to be in KL for the house reno, almost 90% done.

- Tragedi banjir Pantai Timur #prayforpantaitimur and #prayforQZ8501


- Happy Birthday to Zeeshan, the 3rd one and gathering with GBM girls, technically the Dec toddlers birthdays event.

- After 2 weeks i got my car back from the service centre, the cost of repair tukar segala bagai, was RM17k ++, of cos lah via their insurance kita claim. Wow, what a number!

- Blog Ads/Events – Astro, Transitions® Signature™ Lens, PG Beauty, HIDY, Coca-cola, Astro,

- Transitions Lens, a wrap up for my ads posts, 9 posts for just about Transitions Lens! Yey!!

- The TM’s house as of 31st Dec. Kejam kay tayang one of the pintu toilets jer hahahaha.



Thanks to the loyal readers, also to the new one or yang datang once a while mai visit, baca, komen dan terus menyokong RM. To the bloggers, my friends & families as well.  Actually this year is quite a tough year for me as a person/crew/blogger/ writer and as an influencer, few things happened yang cant even mention here. I almost broke down gak.  This year jugak I terpaksa reject about 4,5 jobs and 3 overseas trip. Not gonna to elaborate further but i wish for the best of 2015.

BIG thanks juga untuk Nuffnang, Churpchurp and all the advertisers under them dan juga tak lupa pada advertisers yg direct deal with us. Bolehlah contact me or email red@redmummy.com for any ads or events related. Another BIG thanks go to our hosting sponsor & provider ServerFreak.

Goodbye 2014. Welcome 2015! Lets target a good positive healthy and wealthy life. Insyaallah…

Redmummy @ Kak Red

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